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The Magento Luma frontend will be deprecated and no longer under development - What Now? What to do? What are the alternatives?

It's not really new information, the default Magento frontend "Luma Theme" will be discontinued by Adobe
This was communicated some time ago, but now confirmed again in the January update of the Magento Open Source Community Alliance.
That it will happen sooner or later was also foreseeable. The Luma theme was, to put it mildly, not a success story from the beginning.

The Magento Luma frontend will be deprecated and no longer under development - What Now? What to do? What are the alternatives?

Yet Another View On The Future Of Magento

So there has been the Open Letter that probably everyone involved with Magento has read and many signed. There have been lots of discussions around this letter already and many have voiced their opinions in blog posts and on social media.
Maybe a bit late to the party, I still want to add my take on this matter and express my view on this letter and the current situation as well as hopes for the future of Magento.
Upfront: The day the letter was published, after reading both, I was at first wondering why each of the two letters:
- Open Letter by MOSCA (Magento Open Source Community Alliance)
- The Future of Magento Open Source by Hyvä
seemed to set a quite different tone. However, wordings aside, with the core message and intentions behind the letters,
I can fully agree and signed the very first day.

The Future of Magenot - Magento is not Dead

Hello Magento Marketplace - 1. JaJuMa Extension available

The time has come, we published our first extension in Magento Marketplace. The "JaJuMa PRG Pattern Link Masking Extension" allows Magento 2 Merchants a significant SEO optimization for their filter navigation by using the PRG Pattern (Post / Redirect / Get Pattern).

Why we have taken this step, what it means for JaJuMa and why Magento Marketplace is a success model ...

Hello Magento Marketplace - 1. JaJuMa Extension vavailable - enlarge - Relaunch

It's done, presents itself in a new guise: New design, new layout, new colors. But that's not all: While on our previous page it was still about JaJuMa as "Marketplace Agency", there's now a lot more to see about what we actually do:

  • New Services
  • More Information
  • More Details... Relaunch

Focus On Your Business, JaJuMa Takes Care Of Your IT!

Meanwhile, the lack of IT professionals has arrived not only in the media, but also in real life. Especially for company founders this represents a significant challenge! Even with a very interesting business case, it is difficult to find and convince IT experts to join the team. Furthermore, building a team of permanent IT professionals is usually financially difficult to achieve for the average start-up company, but often also makes little sense.

JaJuMa Blog Has Started – Lets Go…

It took a little longer than planned, as we are fortunate enough to be well-versed with software development and the first projects, but today it starts and off we go with our JaJuMa Blog. We are pleased to write about developments, interesting facts and interesting project experiences from the e-commerce cosmos and to discuss them with you.