Magento 2023: A Look Back (& Forward to 2024)

It's December (almost), last month of the year.
This time with lots of candles, Christmas trees and decoration everywhere. The time when when everyone counts down the days until Christmas, just as we do with our
🎄Magento Christmas Calendar.
But also the time for end-of-year-reviews, looking back at the events during the passed year...

Magento 2023: A Look Back (& Forward to 2024)

During the past year, I often read blog posts, Xs (or tweets!? Whatever...), posts on LinkedIn etc., asking if Magento still has a future, if it is still an option vs. other eCommerce solutions. And also claims about "low engagement" in the Magento community. Whenever I come across such statements or claims, I read them with a fair portion of surprise and some big question marks popping up in my mind.
Because what I see in the Magento community doesn't quite match. So lets recap the Magento year 2023:

Hyvä, The Epicenter Of Magento

Of course, no year-end-review on Magento without Hyvä! Actually, there is enough to write about what Hyvä did in the last years as well as this year and what it means for the Magento community to fill several blog posts. So I spare you that, instead I recommend watching Willems "Evolutionary eCommerce" talk at MMNL23 (Meet Magento Netherlands 2023).
It's an impressive walk through with facts and figures on Hyvä's state and achievements. My two cents to sum it up:
Hyvä is the heart and soul for the Magento community, the home for Magento that Adobe isn't. And while Hyvä for sure isn't a multi-billion dollar company as Adobe, it is a great home for Magento. Read on to see how great, Hyvä is the red line that draws through this post...

Mage-OS - A New Star Is Born!

If you haven't heard about Mage-OS, make sure to head over to and read this amazing story. It started with the famous Open Letter and has become a truly impressive initiative. Almost unbelievable what a bunch of volunteers has achieved in this short time. Yes, Hyvä its playing its role here again, with Vinai, Thien-Lan Weber & John Hughes being board members, but Mage-OS is more: It is an outstanding show-off how much enthusiasm, passion as well as skilled people can be found within the Magento community! It is driven and carried by a much bigger group of people sharing one common goal: A Community-Driven eCommerce solution, a Magento Open Source that can evolve and thrive without restraints from Adobe.
Wanna play with Mage-OS? We do have a demo site for you: Demo-Shop with Mage-OS
(Of course, all our extensions already work with and come with full support for Mage-OS)

Magento Association Is Joining The Game

The Magento Association (MA) has been around since a few years. For many, including me, it was always somewhat unclear about what MAs mission is and how they contribute and help Magento. Things may be about to change. Since the new executive director Mathias Schreiber has been appointed, things seem to start moving:
A new website for Magento Open Source has been announced, talks between MA and Mage-OS about future collaborations are underway... All-in-all, positive signs about all players in the Magento ecosystem joining forces!

And Then There Is Still Adobe

No doubt, one player within the Magento ecosystem is Adobe, after all, they own the brand name, maintain Magento, run the Marketplace...
And no doubt, Adobe leaves many wishes from the Magento community unfulfilled and created a lot of disappointment.
Not sure if and how much will change about that situation, but there was enough critique, no need to repeat in this post. Instead, takeaway regarding Adobe for this post: Adobe is still around! They are not abandoning Magento Open Source, but still maintain Magento and it got better and better with each recent release. With their focus on enterprise level, they do have a focus on stability, increased the release life-cycle and extended the support periods - definitively a plus also for smaller merchants!

No Innovation? Uhm, What?

Sure, with Adobe's focus on stability as well as enterprise oriented SaaS-Services, being on the, ahem "wrong-track" frontend-wise, there was not that much innovation for Magento Open Source from Adobe.
So what? There is still the community you can count on:
Hyvä filled the frontend gap of innovation with a frontend that is the envy of any other eCommerce platform and the community came up with a bunch of other frontend alternatives. Hyvä Checkout is probably the checkout solution with the fastest performance and the easiest customization industry-wide. It is build on Magewire, another innovation ported from Laravel by Willem Poortman.
And in terms of innovation just from us, JaJuMa, a small agency, in 2023 we released

These just to name a few Magento innovations in 2023 - But the Magento community is more than Hyvä and JaJuMa. Look around and you will find many more innovations from others...


Of course, it's up to you to make up your mind about the situation of Magento.
And fair enough if you don't see all the cool stuff going on around Magento as positive as we or have a preference for another alternative.
But from our point of view Magento is alive and kicking! The energy and passion the community is showing again and again is inspiring. The amazing work being done at Hyvä, Mage-OS and elsewhere within the Magento community leaves no doubt: Magento has a bright future ahead and 2024 will be a great year for Magento.

And since actions count more than words, we as JaJuMa will continue to provide our share for Magento to prosper.
Our 🎄Magento Christmas Calendar is the first step, where we gift the community a whole bunch of free stuff for fun and to play with and to make Magento even more pleasurable to use. And for 2024 we have even more cool stuff and releases in the making - stay tuned and have a successful Magento year 2024 everyone!