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No matter if Agency, online merchant or store owner. We support you exactly how and where you need us.
Get to know us and our services as Magento agency and convince yourself about your benefits with our White Label Service
Seamless integration into your processes and procedures, clear focus on quality and efficiency.
One joint goal: Your Success.

We Are Looking For
Clients & Partners

Whether a "simple" online shop or complex and integrated e-business application, successful online business models come in many different forms. But one thing is always important: The technical solution has to fit the business model. And that is exactly our passion: Finding the right solutions and ways to make your business model successful.
Whether for you as a customer or for other agencies, we support as needed from planning & conception about the realization & implementation to continuous optimization & scaling of your processes and systems. Let us make your business a success ...

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JaJuMa - White Label Magento Agency for Agency - We are looking for Clients & Partners

Your Benefits

Convince yourself of the advantages of the JaJuMa White Label Agency Service.
Budget security, reliability, efficiency, quality, experience

Budget Security.
Affordable rates. Clear and reliable agreements.

We stand for partnership and long-term cooperation and deliver what we promise.

Time and budget play an important role in every project.
We know that and take this into account at all times.

We believe, software not only has to work, but also has to be robust, flexibly expandable and scalable, performant and, above all, secure.

We bring a wealth of experience from countless completed projects and many years of professional experience to your project.

Scale or expand your business. Without a complicated search for personnel. Without time-consuming personnel management. Without risk.

Thanks to in-depth specialist knowledge and broad, interdisciplinary know-how, we realize even the most demanding requirements.

With JaJuMa as White Label Agency partner:
Additional experience and know-how. Responsiveness to job load peaks and unexpected leave times.


Strong together.
Benefit from an expanded pool of resources with our White Label Service. Additional experience and know-how.

Discretion is a matter of course for us. The cooperation with you and the names of your customers we call only with your consent as a reference.


Who We Are Looking For

Magento Agencys

More Magento projects than you can work through?

JaJuMa - White Label Magento Agency for Agency - Scale your business & service offering

Scale Your
Business & Service Offering

Every (Magento) agency knows the problem: it is not easy to find enough developers to serve every customer request and every project request. Often enough, there are delays or even worse quality of service. With our White Label Service for agencies, you solve this problem.
Scale your business and developer capabilities quickly and effortlessly without the hassle of finding new developers. Focus on your business instead of worrying about HR issues.
With our White Label Service for Magento Agencys, we provide you with resources as needed by you that work seamlessly as part of your team or completely in the background for your customers. We always follow your requirements and processes to ensure reliable, effective and efficient collaboration.
So you can provide your customers with robust and first-class software solutions in a timely manner. Solutions that you can be proud of and that make your agency business successful. That's our job.

"Together - We Create"

Digital Marketing and other Agencys

Magento Project, but no Magento Know-how?

Extent Your
Service Offering

Are you a marketing or design agency? Your focus is on developing websites with Wordpress, Typo3 or other CMS but not E-Commerce and Magento? Without question, know-how regarding the development of websites is available.
But if the customer (s) are looking to implement a sophisticated online store based on Magento, it does not necessarily make sense to build and maintain developer capacity for it.
Our White Label Agency Service is your solution to stay focused on your core business without losing those Magento customers and without having to worry about complex Magento specific questions and issues. Leave the technical implementation of sophisticated Magento solutions to us. From conception through implementation to continuous support during operation.
Individual designs and functions, first-class user experience, high-performance, SEO-optimized, robust and reliable. Provide your customers State-of-the Art Magento online stores with the JaJuMa White Label Agency Service. Expand your service offering without neglecting your actual business.

"Together - We Can Take This Extra Step"
JaJuMa - White Label Magento Agency for Agency - Extent Your Service Offering

Magento Development Outsourcing

Your Inhouse Magento Development Team is Overloaded?

JaJuMa - White Label Magento Agency for Agency - Magento Development Outsourcing

Expand Your
Development Capacities

You have an in-house IT department or an in-house Magento development team. But the tasks to be done are just too extensive, your team overloaded. You want to implement new requirements faster, implement more requirements in less time?

"Together - We Explore New Posibilities"


Developers, Freelancer, Web-Worker...

Become A Part
Of Our Team and Network

We are also constantly looking for new partners to provide even better service to our customers. If you can imagine working with JaJuMa, featured as Top Software Development Company on SoftwareDevelopmentCompany.co, either to expand our existing capabilities or to complement our services, please drop us a message.

"Together - We Are Stronger"
JaJuMa - White Label Magento Agency for Agency - We Are Looking For Partners: Developer, Freelancer, Web-Worker...

What We Can Do For You

Delivering Partner Experience
Magento Development Services

We know your time is valuable. Hence, effective and efficient collaboration is important to us.
We understand, in time, in quality, in budget are parameters, where the success of your projects is measured and always keep an eye on them.
What we can do for you is always a partnership based cooperation with a clear focus on your success.
Because your success is our success, regardless of where we can specifically support you:

Custom Theme Development & Theme Customizations

Pixel Perfect!
Design Template development and customization.
Exactly according to specification, pixel perfect from PSD / Sketch.

Extension Development

Experience from hundreds of developed and adapted extensions.
From concept to realization, perfectly adapted to your needs.

SEO Optimizations

Top Rankings!
SEO optimization that makes the difference.
Clear understanding of how on-site SEO works.

Page Speed Optimizations

Rocket Speeeeeed!
We love rocket-fast websites.
Rocket Speed, not just punctually but realized with the full range of possible measures.

Magento Upgrades

Immer up-todate!
We update your Magento shop so that you do not lose touch.

Security Patches

E-Commerce - But Secure!
We patch your Magento shop and are also competent contact person when it comes to the security of your data.

Product Imports

Lets Automate!
Automated product imports from various sources. To give you more time for important things.

Integrating APIs / 3rd Party Services (Payment Gateways, ERP etc.)

Lets Connect!
Integration of APIs and services, no online shop can do more without these days. Payment Service Provider, WaWi / ERP, Online Marketplaces, Social Logins ...

Project Rescue

The project deadline is getting closer ...
The project is stalling, the bug tickets are getting more instead of less.
With structure and experience we bring your project back on track.

Bug Killing

Cracking the hard nuts!
Who does not know these stubborn bugs.
Despite endless search for the cause you can not find the problem.
The supposed fix creates new problems ...

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