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The journey of JajuMa begins in 2011, with the original goal of creating an online delicatessen marketplace. However, we quickly faced the first challenge: There was no marketplace software solution on the market that met our requirements for a professional online marketplace.
So it was clear we had to build our own solution!

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No matter if online marketplace, online store or online business. Finding the right solution and technical implementation for your requirements and your business case is our passion!

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but not only...
Successful e-commerce business models usually have diverse requirements from different areas. To support your individual business model in the best possible way, we also use other platforms, such as Wordpress, Drupal or Akeneo, depending on the requirements.

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The best concept is useless if it is not affordable!
What matters to us: Finding the best solution for your requirements from a cost / benefit point of view. Fair hourly rates as well as honest advice on implementation options and the joint search for really suitable solutions and clear requirement definitions are the basis for keeping your project budget.

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An agency that promises a wide range and top quality at fair prices does not sound credible? That's true! But thanks to our delivery model, we are close to this goal. Depending on your needs, we work together with experts and partners in Germany and abroad. The advantages for you are obvious.

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Exciting and challenging web projects are our motivation! We are happy to assist you with the realization or further development of your business model. You are an agency and need fast support to serve a customer project? You are an experienced web worker and would you like to work with JaJuMa?
We are always happy about new ideas, projects and cooperations ...


JaJuMa Services - Short Introduction. 
360°-Support For Your E-Business!

JaJuMa-Market | The Complete Marketplace-Software Solution. | Logo

JaJuMa-Market - The Complete Marketplace-Software Solution

JaJuMa-Market is the complete Magento-based marketplace software solution! Marketplace business models can have many different types. From dropshipping to "shop-in-shop" to "real" marketplaces. JaJuMa-Market is flexible and thus ideally suited for your multi-vendor business case and your individual requirements. In any case, the particular challenge is to integrate a "third party", the dealer or seller, into the processes and procedures. Benefit from our experience from numerous marketplace projects.

JaJuMa-Market Demo Homepage

Let yourself be surprised

Originally designed and developed from the view of a marketplace operator and in the meantime permanently extended and optimized, JaJuMa-Market is a marketplace software that has no equal in terms of functionality and flexibility. No matter if you prefer to get started with our customizable standard design or rather go with your own design right from the beginning, whether basic functionality or complex configuration and automation options, whether start-up with few products and low traffic or established business, you will be surprised about the opportunities offered by JaJuMa-Market. Do you need this function for your business to realize your USP, which does not cover standard software? No problem, JaJuMa-Market can be adapted to your needs.

Software-As-A-Service, always these Buzzwords!

Oh yes, these buzzwords can really annoy you! But, JaJuMa-Market in the "rental model" offers you real advantages compared to in-house development or purchased solutions. We take care of operations, monitoring, maintenance etc., you benefit from permanent optimizations and new functionalities to mention only the most important advantages. But the most important thing is that with the rental model, you can save yourself enormous initial investments in your multi-vendor business and focus on your actual business, the rest we do for you!

More about JaJuMa-Market!  
JaJuMa-Shop | Customized Shop-Solutions | Logo

JaJuMa-Shop - Customized Shop-Solutions

A successful online store is more than just putting a few products online. Customers expect a pleasing and professional design and an outstanding usability as well as fast loading times, a secure payment via various payment methods as well as sophisticated navigation and powerful product search. Magento is the shop system of our choice to realize, besides these "obviousness", also individual requirements from your business model and to support your business technically best possible way. Of course, there is a lot more to a successful online business.

JaJuMa-Shop Online Store Homepage

Magento - The Worldwide Most Popular Shop-System!

Magento, as the world's most popular shop system, is always a good choice for demanding shop projects thanks to its flexibility, enormous functionality and large community. Also for its search engine friendliness, simple administration of products, customers and orders as well as more complex tasks such as Customer group management, sophisticated pricing and shipping costs Magento is just as suitable as well as for the ability to operate international / multilingual shops. Based on Magento, we develop your tailor-made online store for you that leaves nothing to be desired, from individual design to SEO optimization and connection of various payment methods to the features that make your store something very special.

E-Commerce = Automation

A sophisticated online store, perhaps rather decent or maybe something fancy is important. But for a really successful online business, it needs something more: Sophisticated and as automated as possible business and back office processes ... Of course, we also like to support you on the spot to set up and develop your business as best as possible, from conception of the processes to realization and connection of third party system to your online store. Regardless of whether simple product data import, fully developed Product Information Management (PIM), in order to be able to easily operate various sales channels or also the connection to your ERP / inventory systems, we will gladly support you on the possibilities and the most suitable implementation.

More about JaJuMa-Shop!
JaJuMa-PIM | Product Information Management. Simple. Better. | Logo

JaJuMa-PIM - Product Information Management. Simple. Better.

High-quality, complete and accurate product data is essential for a professional and customer-friendly product presentation. In reality, however, managing and delivering product data with appropriate quality is far from easy and often involves huge manual effort. Product data from different sources has to be aggregated, standardized and enriched. For a successful multi-channel distribution also channel-specific variants have to be maintained and managed. In order to address the requirements of different channels in terms of descriptions, prices, translations, images, etc. Professional Product Information Management (PIM) is without a doubt a challenge for any online business that requires a sophisticated and automated approach. With JaJuMa-PIM we as PIM Agency & Akeneo Agency find the perfect solution for you, right to the spot for your individual situation. For a more simple and better Productdata Management.

Akeneo PIM - How it works...

Akeneo - The fastest growing PIM-Solution!

The Akeneo open source system is the fastest growing PIM solution on the market. An appealing and intuitive user interface makes managing your product data a breeze - even with more complex multi-channel distribution needs. In addition, Akeneo can be flexibly adapted to your individual situation. An Akeneo PIM not only enables you to ensure high quality product data, it also saves you time and manual effort, and helps you increase your productivity. Take your multi-channel business to the next level, gain greater control over your product data, and be faster to the market.

Automated Product Imports

With all the benefits of a full-blown PIM system like Akeneo, it's not necessarily the way to go in any situation. If, for example, an online shop that receives product data from different sources, but does not struggle with the added complexity of multiple channels, a PIM system might be oversized. But even in this case we are here to support you with your product information management. Automated product imports save you manual maintenance of product data, which is time-consuming and error-prone. Any necessary corrections, adaptations or even enhancements to your product data are made on import "on-the-fly" and automatically. By this, you save yourself manual work and gain valuable time.

More about JaJuMa-PIM!
JaJuMa-Develop | Individual Solutions for Your Business-Case | Logo

JaJuMa-Develop - Individual Solutions for Your Business-Case

You already have an online store and would like to expand, improve or optimize it? We support you with implementation of a new design or new functionalities as well as with connection to third-party systems. You are not satisfied with the performance and loading times of your store? Let us help you to speed up your store and your business together. Your customers expectations and the competition are constantly changing, we like to walk with you in a long-term partnership to keep your store and your business on a successful road at any time.

JaJuMa-Develop Software Development Homepage

Permanent Optimization...

Anyone who runs an online store knows: There is always one way or the other to improve or optimize. Be it through growth or expansion of your own business or through new trends in e-commerce. Even the customers are getting more demanding, just good is not good enough to compete. Only those who always optimize their own processes, keep their online store up-to-date and constantly offer their customers new experiences will be successful in the long term.

...we are here to support you on this!

JaJuMa helps and supports you with the challenge of keeping your online store state-of-the-art at all times, from requirement analysis to solution conception to implementation. We also like to go this way with you in the long term, but even if it's just a question of bridging short-term capacity bottlenecks in your development team, you can rely on the experience of JaJuMa.

More about JaJuMa-Develop!
JaJuMa-Design | Designs That Inspire | Logo

JaJuMa-Design - Designs That Inspire

You want a design that works and sets the scene for your brand and your products the best way possible? A design in which your customers feel addressed directly, emotions are created at first glance and interest in more is created?
With JaJuMa-Design you get designs, that represent your brand with the "certain something" and address your target group perfectly. Of course, the development of a design concept always focuses on the shopping experience for your customers.

JaJuMa-Design Webdesign Homepage

Extraordinary. Simple. Convincing.

The right design to represent a brand in the best possible and emotional way can be completely different depending on the individual case. Whether brightly colored with strong colors or rather unobtrusive monochrome, whether playful, modern or simple, we find the perfect approach for your target group. With designs that are special and will be remembered.
One thing A design should always be: understandable and easy to use for your customers. The user interface (UI) / user experience (UX) is therefore the focus of our design concept right from the start. Aiming to create a shopping experience for your customer that is not only easy, but fun too!
JaJuMa-Consult | We Show You New Perspectives | Logo

JaJuMa-Consult - We Show You New Perspectives

Running an online store successfully has many facets that all have to be adequately served. From the technical point of view, the server, the data quality, the processing of transactions and the integration of different systems must ensure reliable, stable and high-performance operations and enable all users to use of all functions easily. From a commercial point of view, it's about a sophisticated marketing concept as well as robust and efficient processes. JaJuMa has the necessary interdisciplinary know-how to support you in both areas.

JaJuMa-Consult Perspectives Homepage.png

Maturity And Balance Between Both Worlds

In the long run, success is only possible if both, the technology and the business side, have a reasonable level of maturity. With JaJuMa you gain a partner who has extensive experience from numerous e-commerce projects, but also from other industries. With our experience, we help you get the most out of your business and show you new perspectives, so that you are always prepared for future challenges, technically, process-oriented and strategically.


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