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JaJuMa Hyvänaut: Hyvä Theme For Magento 2 Online-Shops with Top Performance

Hyvä Theme
For Magento 2
Magento Frontend Rethought And Redone

Top user experience, performance and fast loading times on mobile and desktop

Top 10 Reasons for Hyvä Themes

Top 10 Reasons for Hyvä Theme as Frontend for Magento 2
Are you looking for an e-commerce or online store solution that optimally supports your requirements?

Check our top 10 reasons for Hyvä Theme to make your decision easier. You will see, Hyvä Theme and Magento 2 are exactly the right choice to make your e-commerce or online store project a success.

Hyvä Themes Demo Shop

Hyvä Themes Demo Shop
Magento 2 with Hyvä Theme!

Magento 2 with Hyvä Theme. The modern next-generation Magento frontend

Mage-OS Demo Shop

Mage-OS Demo Shop
Mage-OS with Hyvä Theme!

Mage-OS, the community driven e-commerce system for the most demanding tasks, with Hyvä Theme



We Leave Nothing To Be Desired.



At the beginning of an online business is an idea. Our task is to substantiate these together with you by defining a technical, organizational and strategic concept. Your vision is always the focus. We support you with our experience from numerous projects to set the right priorities and at the same time make sure not to ignore any essential points for your online-store solution. Always tailored, always sophisticated, never over-engineered.


After creating a concept, it's about the implementation. Creation of screendesigns as well as the technical conversion into a design-template ("Slicing"), realization of individual functionalities as well as possibly necessary connections of third party systems To Your future online store. Of course, we also take care of the project management, so that your store is available within a reasonable time and within the available budget!


What could be nicer than seeing an idea become reality?
Instead of delivering projects like on the assembly line, we prefer to be the long-term partner at the side of our customers. Our goal is to make your "baby" a success. For this we stand as long-term contact person at your side.

To You

At JaJuMa, you can get an "all-round service" from a single source. We take care of everything that is necessary to realize and operate your shop. Of course, including project management and quality assurance.
But above all, your business becoming a lasting success - that's what we stand for.

Magento 2
with Hyvä Theme & JaJuMa-Shop

A Strong Team And In Any Case A Good Choice!

Hyvä & JaJuMa - Rocket Fast Magento Stores
You want to learn more about Hyvä Themes? You want to learn about JaJuMa Services for and with Hyvä Themes? More About Hyvä & JaJuMa! You still have questions or need more information about Hyvä? You would like to test it more closely with your own test instance? Or are you interested in using Hyvä in your Magento store? Lets get in touch!

Magento Online Shop

Magento 2 with JaJuMa-Shop

It is your choice, Default Luma or cutting-edge Hyvä Theme!


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