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You have a new screen design and would like to have it converted into a design template for your shop? Your existing design template needs a revision or optimization? No problem, we implement your design exactly according to your wishes and ideas. Of course on request Responsive or as a template for mobile devices. 


Your online store should be extended by a specific function? If necessary, we accompany you from the requirements analysis through the conception to the preparation of a specification. Of course, we are happy to implement the new function for you, so that your needs and ideas are 100% fulfilled.


If the loading times of your Magento-Store are unsatisfactory the often suggested but expensive increase of server capacities is not always the right solution. We analyze your individual situation and tell you what is causing the performance problems and which measures really make your store faster. From server configurations to code optimizations to various caches, there are numerous measures we use to achieve rocket-speed performance for you.

Of Processes

Your online business is growing and demands automation to reduce manual effort? We support you! Regardless of whether automated import of product data, simplified maintenance of your product catalog to record different sales channels from a Product Information Management System (PIM) or connection to third-party systems such as inventory management - contact us!


Our Must-Have Extensions for Magento.
Valuable And Useful Extensions For Every Magento Store!

Icon Develop PRG Pattern

PRG Pattern Link Masking for Magento 2

The smart & elegant solution for avoiding (Near-) Duplicate Content issues as well as waste of valuable crawling budget through filter / layered navigation. Masking links using the PRG (Post-Redirect-Get) method is the perfect answer to SEO problems associated with filter navigations. A solution that not only works reliably, but is also very easy to use. Give your shop an SEO boost with minimal effort!

More About PRG Pattern Link Masking
for Magento 2!

Icon Develop Shariff Social Share

Shariff Social Sharing Buttons for Magento 2

The social sharing extension for Magento 2. GDPR compliant, flexible and easy to use.
Social sharing buttons are a must-have for any online store. The Shariff Social Sharing Buttons are the perfect solution.
The Extension supports numerous social networks and sharing services. In addition, a variety of configuration options regarding Look & Feel, integration into your store and functionally available.
Increase your visibility in social media!

More About Shariff Social Sharing
for Magento 2!

Icon Develop WebP Optimized Images

WebP Next-Gen Optimized Images for Magento 2

The Extension for WebP, the Next Generation image file format developed by Google, optimzed images for Magento 2.
Top-Performance is a success critical factor for any online store. Not only with regards to Usability, but also for SEO ranking, fast page load times are highly important. With WebP you have the chance to reduce the file size of your product images significantly and by this improve the load times of your Magento store.

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for Magento 2!
WebP Images FAQ
All You Need To Know about WebP!