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Better performance and page load speed, optimized images, SEO improvements or a better user experience to increase your conversion rates....

Using latest technologies like AVIF & WebP, advanced SEO tweaks like link masking, regulatory compliance like GDPR."

There are many ways and opportunities to improve your Magento 2 store for you and your customers.

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10 Years Experience
With Extensions
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With more than 10 years of experience in Magento development, we offer powerful & rock-solid solutions that enable you to stand out from your competitors, simplify your website and content management and make the shopping experience in your Magento store more enjoyable for your customers.

Our roots and core business as an agency is the development of online marketplaces, which is a much more difficult task than developing simple online stores.
We are therefore used to working in complex environments, solving the most complex problems and also implementing technical solutions for them.

These many years of experience with Magento and the development of complex systems is also reflected in the quality and performance of our extensions.

Magento Extensions
That Solve
Real Problems

We are not a pure provider of Magento Extensions. We are not oriented to the already existing range of extensions and do not create the umpteenth clone to already existing extensions.

The ideas and concepts of our extensions all come from our marketplace and store projects. I.e. all our extensions were created to serve a real requirement of Magento merchants.

We serve the vast majority of our clients as a full-service Magento Agency, both as a technical service provider as well as advising on specialist topics, from project start to go-live and also take over the operation and maintenance of the systems afterwards and are available as reliable partner for all questions.

From this close cooperation with our customers, we know the wishes, challenges and problems of Magento merchants and their perspective very well. This also enables us to tailor our extensions optimally to the needs of store operators.

Magento Extensions
That Are Tested
& Simply Work

Of course we test all our extensions intensively on Magento standard installations in different versions and setups and guarantee the flawless functionality.

But we go one step further with our extensions:
All of our extensions are conceived, designed and implemented from the start for use in different Magento environments.

In addition, we also use all of our extensions ourselves in our Magento customer projects, in extensively customized marketplace and store systems, and together with numerous other extensions.

Last but not least, all our extensions have passed the extensive Extended Quality Program (EQP) of Magento Marketplace.
This includes automated testing regarding installation and coding standards as well as manual testing to ensure everything is working correctly.

This way we achieve the best possible quality & compatibility of our extensions and avoid conflicts as much as possible.

Cutting Edge
& Innovative
No Lame Copy-Cats

Our extensions benefit for yet another reason from our close collaboration with our customers:
Our customers always expect us to provide cutting-edge solutions, using the latest technologies and following the current trends:
We think: Rightly so! And we love our customers for always pushing us to try new things and to be innovative!

Whether latest image optimization i. e. With modern image formats like AVIF & WebP for fast loading times, Optimizations for the new Performance KPIs "Core Web Vitals" or innovative SEO techniques like link masking with PRG Pattern - Our extensions offer you real unique selling propositions that help your Magento store to stand out from the competition.

Do you know Hyvä? 🚀 The new front-end/theme for Magento 2 that offers maximum performance and user experience?
We are already active here as well:
🥇 JaJuMa is the first Magento extensions provider to make their extensions compatible with Hyvä!

Demos: Test & Try JaJuMa Extensions for Magento 2:

Convince yourself and try our Magento extensions now:

Extensions Demo with
Magento Luma Theme

Extensions Demo with
Magento & Hyvä Theme

Magento Extension Development

Want to customize or improve your Magento 2 store?
Lets get in touch for custom Magento 2 extension and module development!

No question, Magento 2 has already out-of-the-box a huge range of functions that can be hardly seen with any other shop software. Nevertheless, there is hardly a Magento 2 online store without functional extensions or adjustments to the respective business model. We support you in making your Magento store ready for your business model - from conception to the development and implementation of your individual functionalities. Of course, we also take care of the quality assurance and make sure that you get a stable, secure, highly performing and at the same time flexible solution.

Examples of new and additional functionalities that can be realized with Magento extensions:

  • Related Products, Up- und Cross-Selling
  • Functions to support specific business models
  • Performance Optimizations
  • SEO Optimizations
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Process-Automation
  • Improvements for Customer Support
  • Simplifcation regarding management of data, content and transactions
  • Extended reporting und analysis
  • etc.
JaJuMa-Develop - Magento Extension Development