Dynamic Shipping Tax Plus for Magento 2

Dynamic Shipping Tax Plus Extension for Magento 2
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Proportional / Pro-Rata
Dynamic Shipping Tax Calculation

Calculate Proportional / Pro-Rata shipping tax in Magento 2 depending on product tax rate of products in cart to comply with local tax laws & regulations (e. g. HMRC guidelines, Umsatzsteuergesetz).

The Most Advanced Dynamic Shipping Tax Extension For Magento 2:

  • Compliance With Tax Laws & Regulations
  • Shipping Tax Amounts Calculated Based On Dynamically Determined Tax Rates Following One Of 3 Supported Options:
  • Proportional / Pro-Rata
  • Use The Highest Product Tax
  • Use Highest Amount Tax
  • Full & Short Tax Summary Supported

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Dynamic Shipping Tax incl. Proportional / Pro-Rata Tax Calculation For Your Magento 2 Store

Calculate proportional / pro-rata shipping tax
depending on product tax rate of products in cart.


By default Magento 2 only supports one fix tax rate for shipping costs that is applied to all orders. This one tax rate is fix and does not take into account the tax rate of products purchased.
This means, the default Magento 2 shipping tax calculation does not or not fully comply with tax laws and regulation in some countries.
For example, Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, but also United Kingdom (UK) or also Germany.
(see e. g. HMRC guidelines or VAT on shipping costs in accordance to German Umsatzsteuergesetz
In those countries, shipping is seen as ancillary service and tax laws require the shipping tax to follow or depend on the tax rate of products shipped. In other words, the shipping tax rate must or should be "the same rate as the goods being delivered".
To make matters worse, different countries that consider shipping an ancillary service, require or allow dynamic shipping tax calculation based on different models.


With the Dynamic Shipping Tax Plus extension for Magento 2 by JaJuMa extension you can now make sure to comply with your local tax laws and regulations and avoid having too high or wrong tax amounts on shipping costs.

Instead of using only one static tax class for all of the sales in your Magento 2 store, you can now choose to have shipping tax amounts dynamically calculated based on tax rates that are determined item-dependent based on products in customer cart following one of 3 supported options:

  • Use the highest product tax
  • Use highest amount tax
  • Use proportional/pro-rata shipping tax


Dynamic Shipping Tax Plus by JaJuMa-Develop
Item-dependent, dynamic shipping tax to
comply with local tax laws & regulations
as for example in

United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and other European Countries


Dynamic Shipping Tax Calculation = Item-Dependent

Based On Tax Of Products Sold/Shipped


Comply With Local
Tax Laws & Regulations

e. g. HMRC Guidelines, Umsatzsteuergesetz


Most Advanced
Shipping Tax Extension

For Magento 2


Use The Highest
Product Tax

Based On Products Sold


Use Highest
Amount Tax

Based On Products Sold


Use Proportional/Pro-Rata Shipping Tax

Based On Products Sold


Quality Extension
Follows Best-Practices

No Rewrites


Full & Short
Tax Summary


Hyvä Theme Compatible
See Hyvä Demo
Mage-OS Compatible
See Mage-OS Demo


Dynamic Proportional/Pro-Rata Shipping Tax by JaJuMa In Detail.
Correctly calculated proportional/pro-rata shipping tax
following tax rate of products sold.

Dynamic Shipping Tax Plus - Dynamic Proportional/Pro-Rata Shipping Tax Calculation for Magento 2

Tax calculation is not the most simple part of Magento

No surprise, tax laws can be complicated and vary by country, which makes correct tax calculation not an easy task.
But still, for some use-cases and country specific tax laws these options are still not sufficient, event though Magento provides a number of different options for calculating and displaying tax amounts and information.
This is specifically the case with tax calculation for shipping costs.
One static tax rate for shipping costs as provided by Magento default is not enough in countries where local tax law requires item-dependent tax calculation for shipping costs if a store sells product with different product tax rates.
Examples for such countries are Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, but also other European (EU) countries incl. Germany and also United Kingdom (UK).
In the case of Magento stores that are selling products with different tax rates, a dynamic tax rate calculation for shipping tax is needed to meet regulatory requirements regarding taxes and to avoid too high tax amounts.
This is where our Dynamic Shipping Tax extension comes into play, providing you three options for calculating shipping cost tax based on products sold/shipped:

  • Based on the highest product tax in cart
  • Based on highest amount tax in cart
  • Proportional/pro-rata per products in cart

Dynamic Shipping Tax - Examples

Examples for "Use the highest product tax":

→ The highest product tax rate in cart will be used for calculating shipping tax

All Products in Cart have tax class = 7%
-> Shipping tax = 7%

All Products in Cart have tax class = 19%
-> Shipping tax = 19%

Some Product in Cart have 7%, some have 19%
-> Shipping tax = 19%

Examples for "Use highest amount tax":

→ Tax rate applicable to highest amount in cart will be used for calculating shipping tax

 Example 1
Cart Total 100
Books (Tax 7%) 60 €
CDs (Tax 19%) 40 €
Shipping Tax -> 7%

Example 2
Cart Total 100
Books (Tax 7%) 40 €
CDs (Tax 19%) 60 €
Shipping Tax -> 19%

Example for "Use proportional amount tax":

→ The shipping tax will be calculated proportionally/pro-rata based product tax rates in cart

Cart Total 150
Books (Tax 12%) 100 €
CDs (Tax 25%) 50 €
Shipping Rate 10 €

Shipping tax calculation will be as follows:
(100/150 * 0.12 * 10) + (50/150 * 0.25 * 10)

Shipping Tax = 1.63333333333 -> 1.63 €

Full Tax Summary:
12% - 0.8 €
25% - 0.83 €

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Version: 1.0.1

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