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City marketing &
Sales Communities

Stationary trade in inner cities has been exposed to increasing competition from online commerce for years. Consumer behavior and customer expectations have been fundamentally changed by digitization and e-commerce. Small retailers, in particular, find it difficult to raise the necessary funds to preserve their existing strengths and, at the same time, successfully pave the way for digitization.
JaJuMa-Market offers city marketing organizations and sales communities the opportunity to face these challenges.
As a "digital city" or location, you can take advantage of offline as well as online and offer your customers the expected service from both worlds!
Let's discuss what your local online marketplace might look like and how to make your city or region fit for the future online and with Local Commerce.

Shopping Centers & 
Shopping Malls

There used to be the marketplace in every city. A central place where various vendors met to offer their goods for sale to customers. Shopping centers and shopping malls are the modern form of traditional marketplaces. They unite numerous retailers under one roof and today shape the consumption and supply of customers. However, shopping centers and shopping malls are also increasingly under pressure due to the growing importance of online commerce and online marketplaces as well as changing customer wishes and expectations.
JaJuMa-Market offers the opportunity to respond to this change in the right way: Experience the next evolution of classic marketplaces - experience the connection between physical location and the digital world and the benefits of both: Local Commerce!

Your Benefits

With The Online-Marketplace Platform For Regional & Local Online Marketplaces:
JaJuMa-Market For Local Commerce!

Icon Established and Mature Online-Marketplace Software Solution

Established And Mature Online-Marketplace Software Solution

Realize your individual concept for your regional & local online marketplace with JaJuMa-Market. With JaJuMa-Market, you choose a established and mature online marketplace software. Convince yourself of the many advantages and the large range of functions offered by JaJuMa-Market. Thanks to its Magento base and flexible architecture, JaJuMa-Market can be adapted to changing requirements at any time, making it a future-proof investment that you certainly will not regret.

Screenshot Online Marketplace Software Vendor Portal

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Icon Online-Marketplace Software Locator Module

Locator Modul For Your Local Commerce Project

The must-have for every Local Commerce project & any local online marketplace: The JaJuMa Market Locator Module!
Show your customers the locations of your vendors and their products in clear map views with the possibility to directly calculate and display the route. Convenient and easy usage for your dealers and your customers through Geo-coding via Google API & Location determination via GPS.

Discover the Locator Module Highlights

  • Interactive Map View
  • Location for Vendor & Products
  • Easy To Use
  • Customer Location via GPS
  • Filter & sort products by Distance
  • Display routes to Vendors / Products
See More Details About Locator!
Icon Local Online Marketplace - Same Day Delivery / Local Delivery as Success Factor

Same Day Delivery / Local Delivery as Success Factor

Same day delivery is one of the top trends in e-commerce. Customers expect an ever faster delivery of their orders - if possible the same day! As a stationary retailer, use your location advantage: Your location in proximity to the customer as a delivery base. With the flexible shipping configurations of JaJuMa-Market, you can, for example, let customers choose between "regular" shipping or "same day delivery" with the delivery time requested. Better service through fast delivery as a USP for your Local Online Marketplace !

Screenshot Local Online Marketplace - Checkout Requested Delivery Date / Same Day Delivery / Local Delivery

Shipping Methods With Requested Delivery Date

Of course, with JaJuMa-Market individual shipping methods and costs can be defined for each vendor. Not only for regular shipping, but optional additional shipping for Same Day Delivery. Your customers hereby have the option to specify a desired date for the delivery within a certain time frame when ordering - of course only within freely configurable delivery times.
Icon Local Online Marketplace - Click & Collect

Click & Collect As Additional Service For Your Customers

Convince your customers and strengthen customer loyalty through a close link between online and offline sales. Take advantage of your physical location and use it to your advantage in your local or local online marketplace. With JaJuMa-Market you offer your customers this additional service through "Click & Collect", which differentiates you from anonymous online shops. Improve customer retention through "Click & Collect" service on your local online marketplace.

Screenshot Local Online Marketplace - Checkout Click & Collect

Benefits With Click & Collect

The benefits with Click & Collect are obvious:
  • Avoid Shipping Cost
  • Customer orders and pays comfortably from home and
  • can pick up the goods flexibly within regular business hours
  • Which is, in most cases, faster and
  • retains the personal contact and customer support in store.
Icon Local Online Marketplace - Extend Business Model

Extend Business Model - Cost Efficient And Effective!

Building, operating and marketing your own online shop is complex and costly. For smaller retailers in particular, it is therefore hardly worthwhile to tap digital distribution on this path. With JaJuMa-Market, you can offer your vendors the opportunity to be present in online sales with justifiable effort. With own URL, presentation of the business, presentation of the products up to the online sale including payment processing.

Screen Local Online Marketplace - Online Business

Online-Marktplatz - Together We Are Strong!

The online marketplace model is like made for distribution communities like the vendors of a city or the shops of a mall. The joint appearance on the web not only enhances recognition and customer loyalty, but a common marketing budget also makes it possible to achieve a significantly better effect and visibility on the market. For vendors who consistently use the online marketplace instead of their own online store for their online sales, there are also considerable savings.
Icon JaJuMa - Ein starker Partner!

JaJuMa - A Strong Partner!

Marketplace models can be interpreted and designed in many different ways. Already in the design process, there are many things to consider, to think through processes and procedures and to avoid pitfalls. In any case, the complexity is quickly underestimated. By choosing JaJuMa-Market, you not only get a high-quality technical platform, you also gain a strong partner with the experience of JaJuMa from numerous marketplace projects.

Local Online Marketplace - JaJuMa Partner Services Screen

Online-Marketplaces And More...

We love marketplaces and are ready to support you with our experience on this matter.
But not only that, as a full-service e-commerce agency, we also support and advise you on other topics relating to the operation of your online marketplace, e. g.:
  • Vendor Intergrations
  • Design-Services
  • Online-Marketing and SEO
  • etc.