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Listen &

At the beginning of a design conception, we always listen attentively. So that we understand what image and what "message" you have in mind for your brand, what your USP and your core message is or how you want to place your product in the market.
In the further process, we "translate" your ideas into a design language that instantly conveys the message to your customers  by which you want to address your target group.

Design &

The next step is the actual design & conception process. We develop ideas, create sketches and approach first drafts. Based on these first work results, the further procedure and further elaboration will be closely coordinated with you.
The result of this phase is a final "screendesign" that meets your wishes and expectations and serves as a template for the technical implementation of your design template.

User Interface
User Experience

As part of the design process, we focus on usability right from the start. Through clear and easy-to-understand positioning and design of functions such as navigation, buttons and call-to-actions, we ensure a customer-friendly shopping experience. Of course, we also consider different devices in order to ensure "responsive" optimal presentation also  on mobile devices.



Our goal is always to provide you with a design that perfectly represents your brand and your products. Whether simple or playful, modern or classic:
With JaJuMa-Design you will definitely get a new design that is both, high quality and expressive. With much passion and thought out in detail. A design that evokes emotions and will be remembered.


Selection Of Previous Design Work For Our Customers. 
Let Yourself Be Inspired!

Icon Design FF

Corporate Identity incl. Logo + Screendesign for Finer Food

High-quality and exclusive delicacies, beyond the mass market, especially made by small factories and lovingly handcrafted. The appropriate lifestyle of "enjoyment" and the awareness of traditional craft is conveyed by wood structures and warm colors. In addition, the high quality is enhanced by the dark background. The reference to manual work can be again found in the logo in the form of the handwritten "ff".

FF Logo


FF Homepage


FF Category  Page


FF Product Page


Icon Design TB

Screendesign "Branded Webshop" for Tombow

With more than 100 years of company history, the Tombow brand stands for tradition on the one hand, but also for innovative top products and timeless yet modern design on the other. Building on the existing CI and the existing logo, this image is also transported by the new design of the web shop. To emphasize the high quality of the brand is set on a black background with gray accents and "gold" as a new highlight color. Paired with strong images and modern design elements, this creates the "perfect environment" for product presentation.

TB Homepage


TB Category  Page


TB Product PageTB Landingpage


Icon Design FS

Corporate Identity incl. Logo + Screendesign for Funadic Sports

The target group "Fun athletes" is characterized as hard, individual and independent and is characterized by strength, toughness as well as the certain "coolness". The design concept for Funadic Sports relies on the gorilla as a logo and brand mascot to visually and emotionally reflect these characteristics. The screen design with a lot of whitespace, a strong reduction of the displayed information in combination with a strong imagery, provides a target-oriented approach to the customer.

FS Logo


FS Homepage


Funadic Sports Category  Page


FS Product Page


Icon Design GP

Screendesign for Greenpicks

The look and feel of the Greenpicks website has been bright, friendly and inviting. The environmentally conscious target group is welcomed by a modern design. That on Eco & Upcycling focused product range is reflected in the green main color. In addition, extensive navigation & Filter options (e.g. "sustainability criteria") are taken into account, which make it easier for customers to search for suitable products.

GP Homepage


GP Category  Page


GP Product Page


GP Vendor Shop