WebP For Magento 2 Performance + Speed Optimization:
Why Every Magento Store Should Use WebP

When we first heard about “Next-Generation Image Formats” we just thought “What? What is that about and why would we need this?”
The term “Next-Generation Image Formats” refers to newer image formats WebP, JPEG 2000, JPEG XR. These are newer image formats than JPG or PNG, the good old image formats we are all used to work with ever since.

Each of these new file formats, WebP, JPEG 2000 and JPEG XR, promises to have advanced compression algorithms compared to our traditional and well-known companions JPG and PNG. Better compression for images means, smaller file sizes while retaining the quality characteristics of an image.

Smaller images mean better performance, faster page loads. Sounds good, right?
Can we improve Magento 2 performance through image optimization by using e. g. WebP?
To be honest, we were quite skeptical when we started looking into this…


Magento Security + Magento Coding Standard:
Disallow Insecure Functions exec(), shell_exec(), system() etc.

With Magento Coding Standard and Code Sniffer rules update to v3 becoming effective July 11th, insecure functions like exec(), shell_exec(), system() etc. will be disallowed. That means any extension using one of these functions will be denied to be listed in Magento Marketplace. Since these functions can be a huge security issue, at least when used in a bad way, it is certainly a good decision by Magento to take this step towards improving Magento Security.
But what does this mean for Magento developers, what alternatives to these insecure functions are available to implement certain features that require system commands to be executed on server level?


The Surprisingly Secret SEO Recipe:
PRG Pattern For Advanced Layered Navigation SEO

It’s now a few weeks since we released our Magento 2 SEO Extension “JaJuMa PRG Pattern Link Masking” and since it was published we received some first valuable and interesting feedback. Based on this first feedback we had to notice:  Usage of PRG Pattern in SEO is still surprisingly unknown.

This insight came as a not small surprise to us, because actually PRG Pattern as SEO measure is not exactly a new recipe to tackle SEO issues related to Layered Navigations. ...


Hello Magento Marketplace - 1. JaJuMa Extension available

The time has come, we published our first extension in Magento Marketplace . The "JaJuMa PRG Pattern Link Masking Extension" allows Magento 2 Merchants a significant SEO optimization for their filter navigation by using the PRG Pattern (Post / Redirect / Get Pattern).

Why we have taken this step, what it means for JaJuMa and why Magento Marketplace is a success model ...

Hello Magento Marketplace - 1. JaJuMa Extension vavailable - enlarge

SEO Optimization for Layered Navigation with PRG Pattern

Layered navigation often referred to as Filter Navigation or faceted navigation, is used by almost every online store. Of course, it's a great feature that allows customers to quickly and easily browse through the products and restrict them to relevant products.

As helpful as the product filter and a layered navigation are for the customer, the challenge is to realize this function in a good and SEO-friendly way. ...


Local Commerce – Just A Hype?

The topic of local commerce is currently much discussed and commented. On the one hand, as one of the current trends in e-commerce and a source of salvation for the traditional brick-and-mortar retail trade, on the other hand, it is often seen critically as a wrong path for which there is no need and no opportunities.

Contrary to the skepticism that exists in some cases, however, new local commerce initiatives are currently being announced and also launched ...


„Real“ Online Marketplace vs. Dropshipping

In the last blog post we had described the main reasons why online marketplaces fail. The distribution of tasks and roles along the value chain of an online marketplace business and thus the design of the business processes as well as the definition of the business model have direct implications for these reasons and thus the success of an online marketplace.

With Infographic:
Online Marketplace vs. Dropshipping


Top 10 Reasons Why Online Marketplaces Fail

There are many examples of successful online marketplaces in a wide range of variants that show the opportunities and potential of these business models. In view of these successful "proof-of-concepts" in the market and the advantages associated with marketplace models, it is tempting to set up your own marketplace.

But: If you look at the e-commerce and founder scene of the past few years, you will also find a whole range of marketplaces that have not managed to establish themselves in the long run. The question arises: what are the most common mistakes and the challenges that cause online marketplaces to fail?


JaJuMa.de - Relaunch

It's done, JaJuMa.de presents itself in a new guise: New design, new layout, new colors. But that's not all: While on our previous page it was still about JaJuMa as "Marketplace Agency", there's now a lot more to see about what we actually do:

  • New Services
  • More Information
  • More Details...

JaJuMa.de Relaunch

Reference Marketplace Is Online!

The entire JaJuMa team has been really looking forward to this blog entry for quite some time. It was certainly a hard piece of work and within a few night shifts we got to know our coffee pots even better, but we are very happy that we were able to hand over our first market place project in live mode to Schmuckladen.de. Anyone interested can now admire our system directly under real world conditions and see in this show case how a shop-in-shop system can be implemented with our Marketplace Solution .


A Marketplace-Software Is On The Way…

Yes, we admit it right away! Blogging, we have recently neglected somewhat. The discussions and consistently positive feedback on our Marketplace Software where just too exciting. Furthermore we welcomed the next marketplace as a customer at JaJuMa. But none of the feedback is lost. They all go into the continuous development and more optimizations for customer-friendliness of our multi-vendor system. On the other hand, with us it is true that self-representation comes second. In that sense, do not blame us, we will try to improve somewhat in return.


Focus On Your Business, JaJuMa Takes Care Of Your IT!

Meanwhile, the lack of IT professionals has arrived not only in the media, but also in real life. Especially for company founders this represents a significant challenge! Even with a very interesting business case, it is difficult to find and convince IT experts to join the team. Furthermore, building a team of permanent IT professionals is usually financially difficult to achieve for the average start-up company, but often also makes little sense.


Search For A Marketplace Software - Our Experience

When we started the first brainstorming sessions for our delicatessen marketplace at the end of 2011, the question regarding a suitable software almost automatically came up. For IT-savvy people, as we certainly are, this is probably the most normal thing in the world. In addition to summarizing and intensive discussion regarding technical requirements for a future marketplace software or a shop-in-shop system, we also carried out a first base search on the internet for possible solutions.


JaJuMa Blog Has Started – Lets Go…

It took a little longer than planned, as we are fortunate enough to be well-versed with software development and the first projects, but today it starts and off we go with our JaJuMa Blog. We are pleased to write about developments, interesting facts and interesting project experiences from the e-commerce cosmos and to discuss them with you.