Top 10 Reasons for Hyvä Theme as Frontend for Magento 2

Are you looking for an e-commerce or online store solution that optimally supports your requirements?
Magento 2 is an option for you thanks to its enormous functionality and professional claim?
Do you value maximum performance and the best possible user experience at a reasonable price?

Searching for and deciding on an e-commerce or online store system is most definitely not an easy one. With the following top 10 reasons for Hyvä Theme, we make your decision easier. You will see, Hyvä Theme and Magento 2 are exactly the right choice to make your e-commerce or online store project a success.
Benefit from the years of experience that is in Magento and the new frontend with the latest technology, the Hyvä Theme:

Our 10 Top Reasons For Hyvä Themes

Based On Our Experience As Hyvä Early Adopters & Veterans

In order to offer our customers the best possible solutions

We as Magento Agency always keep an eye on new technologies in the e-commerce field and of course in particular on developments in the Magento ecosystem.

In addition, there was growing dissatisfaction with the standard Magento Luma theme, which simply no longer met current requirements for performance and user experience. We have therefore been involved with the Hyvä Themes since the first day of its release. Our conviction and enthusiasm for the Hyvä Theme has been growing ever since.

Below, based on our experience as Hyvä Themes early adopters and Hyvä Agency of the first hour, we have written down and explained in more detail our top 10 reasons for Magento with Hyvä Themes.


Our conclusion after working with Hyvä Themes almost since first day

What the creators of the Hyvä Theme have put up is

  1. From a technical point of view: Genius
  2. From a business perspective: Brilliant

It is exactly what

  1. the Magento community has been hoping and waiting for
  2. was needed to make Magento fun again
  3. was needed for Magento to become the 1st choice as cart system for large and small online merchants again

10 Reasons
for Hyvä Themes

The Next-Generation E-Commerce Frontend for Magento 2


    Performance, Performance, Performance... when talking about Hyvä Themes, it's primarily about performance and page load times. And that's no surprise. Performance is becoming increasingly important, not only to provide a contemporary user experience. But also because performance is an increasingly important SEO ranking factor and Google has once again raised the bar for "good performance" with the introduction of the new Core Web Vitals KPIs. For any merchant faced with the decision of which frontend to use, the expected performance is a yes or no criterion.
    And when it comes to performance, Hyvä Theme shines with unmatched performance KPIs that are unmatched by any other online store front-end. Achieving "green" Core Web Vitals is almost a no-brainer if you use Hyvä Themes in the right way. A goal that is literally impossible to achieve with the old Luma frontend or other alternatives.


    One cornerstone of excellent performance with Hyvä Theme:
    Everything that made the Luma theme unnecessarily complex and thus slow and cumbersome has been thrown out in the Hyvä theme, no more RequireJS, no KnockoutJS, no jQuery, no LESS.... Instead, the Hyvä Theme relies on better and more modern alternatives, well thought out and always with maximum performance in mind. Another effect of this revised architecture: simplicity and less complexity.
    No more unnecessary libraries and dependencies between javascript functions that are hard to manage. No more tons of JS files and no more unused huge JS libraries that need to be loaded and processed by the browser, etc. However, all these optimizations do not only benefit performance. Thanks to the modern components and reduced complexity, working with Hyvä Themes is also much more pleasant than with the previous Magento Luma Theme. This is an advantage that we as developers are happy about at first, but Magento merchants should not overlook it either. In the end, they also benefit from the fact that adjustments and customizations are faster and fewer bugs have to be debugged due to complex dependencies.


    AlpineJS - Simple. Lightweight. Powerful as hell.
    Nothing more, nothing less, AlpineJS is the modern version of the outdated jQuery.
    And AlpineJS is one of the central building blocks of Hyvä Theme. Instead of hundreds of individual JS files and several megabytes of JavaScript code, Hyvä Theme implements all interactive functions with just one small JS library, inline JS and vanilla JS.
    The decision for the modern JS framework AlpineJS is a decision for maximum performance and against an unnecessarily bloated codebase. A decision to primarily use the functionalities available in modern browsers instead of including code for functions that are already available anyway. Of course, what is important about this step to replace all old JS frameworks and libraries with only one, much leaner framework, especially for retailers: It is a step without compromises or disadvantages. Modern means not only the best possible performance, but also unlimited possibilities to realize individual requirements and any desired user experience.


    TailwindCSS, a modern CSS framework with which all your design wishes for your Magento store can be realized.
    No question, this is also possible with the previous Luma frontend and other CSS frameworks, even TailwindCSS is "only" CSS in the end.
    But TailwindCSS is still different, better than traditional CSS frameworks and e.g. LESS compiled styles like in the Luma theme. TailwindCSS is the perfect implementation of the Hyvä philosophy for maximum performance, lean code, and easy development without compromising on design possibilities.
    Thanks to the use of "utility classes" instead of semantic CSS class names and reduction of the styles to be loaded by the browser by "purging" unused styles. The numbers speak for Hyvä Themes here as well, compared to a standard Luma, with around 80kb, the Hyvä Theme gets by with just under 14Kb of CSS. This also contributes to the fact that Top Core Web Vitals values can be achieved, even without having to worry about e.g. adding "Critical CSS" at all.


    Even though performance is usually the main issue when considering the Hyvä Theme, flexibility and customizability are of course also crucial factors when choosing a frontend. Every online store ultimately wants its own look & feel, a user experience that is as perfect and as user-friendly as possible. And every store owner wants to stand out positively with his online store through individual features and designs compared to stores of the competition.
    Also in this area, the Hyvä Theme convinces all along the line, not least because of the modern frameworks used, there are no limitations and restrictions regarding flexibility and customizability.
    But the thoroughly thought-out concept of Hyvä Themes goes one step further and also takes special cases into account. You find Hyvä Themes interesting and want to migrate your existing Magento store to Hyvä, but prefer to go step-by-step instead of a "big bang"? No problem, the Hyvä Theme allows you to fall back to the existing Luma-based frontend per layout. You have a complex individual feature which was realized e.g. with jQuery and want to avoid the effort to migrate this feature to the new technologies of the Hyvä Theme? This is also possible, with the associated compromise regarding performance, jQuery or other "legacy" libraries can also be used with Hyvä.


    The well-thought-out architecture of the Hyvä Theme not only brings great advantages in terms of performance. The result of the much leaner code base and the modern technologies and developer tools used are also overall faster development times.
    The e-commerce industry is developing rapidly, there are constant innovations, new trends, and innovations. Implementing and deploying both new projects and smaller updates and changes quickly is, therefore, crucial for every online retailer.
    The more comfortable working with the modern tools, the leaner code and not having to deal with endless relevant files even for small changes during debugging, etc. sounds at first mainly like an advantage for developers.
    The bottom line is that this is another plus point of the Hyvä Theme, from which you as a store owner will ultimately benefit directly:
    A better product in less time.


    By its very nature, deciding on a front-end for an e-commerce site is always a technical issue - but not only!
    Hyvä Themes can also convince beyond the technical consideration and facts. With the strong and constantly growing community as a secret weapon for success, which has gathered behind and around the Hyvä Theme, the Hyvä Theme has another ace up its sleeve. The community has always been one of Magento's great strengths, the multitude of available extensions, the innovation, the countless blogposts with instructions and solutions to problems, the constant exchange between users.... Anyone who has already had the experience knows how large and invaluable such a community is and how ultimately store operators also benefit directly and indirectly from it.
    The creators of the Hyvä Theme, Willem Wigman, Vinai Kopp, and their team have managed to continue this "Magento tradition". The exchange and mutual support in case of problems in the Hyvä Community Slack Channel, the growing number of "Compatibility Modules" created by the community, and also more and more extension providers getting on the Hyvä bandwagon is an advantage not to be neglected.
    And it is no less than another reason why Hyvä Theme is clearly superior to other alternatives and "copy-cats" that do not offer such a community, and why choosing Hyvä Themes will pay off in the long run.


    In the fast-moving e-commerce business, constant innovation is needed to stay up-to-date.
    Rightly, the default Luma theme was criticized not only for its outdated architecture but also for lack of innovation. After all these years since its launch without any major innovations, the Luma theme already looks out of time compared to the Hyvä Theme - Luma, a "Walking Dead" that won't be revived either.
    Fortunately, Hyvä is different here, too. Even beyond the innovative basic concept, constant innovation is a strong focus of the Hyvä makers. This is evident not only in the regular updates & releases with which both bugs are eliminated and new features and optimizations are added but also in the upcoming updates to the latest versions AlpineJS 3 and TailwindCSS 3, compatibility with Adobe Commerce features, or even the introduction of new technologies on the part of Hyvä such as "Magewire", technical base for the amazing Hyvä Checkout. And of course, here again, the community comes into play as part of the offer that Hyvä provides, through constantly new extensions, innovations, exchange of experiences, new & current topics around the creation and operation of successful and contemporary online stores.


    How much budget do I need for a project with Hyvä Theme?
    One of the most important questions when deciding for a Magento frontend, for every Magento merchant, every Magento or e-commerce project...
    The Hyvä Theme has a comparatively high license fee at first glance. The Luma theme is free of charge, other Luma-based themes cost only a fraction. At a second glance and if you take into account the previous reasons listed here, this view is relativized very quickly. Already alone for performance optimizations one has with a Luma theme usually expenses which are higher than the acquisition costs of the Hyvä Theme (with at the same time still worse performance than with Hyvä Themes). In addition, there are further potential savings due to the simplification and reduced complexity described above.
    Hyvä Theme + Magento 2, this combination stands for a first-class frontend + enterprise level e-commerce system, affordable even for small and medium sized merchants.


    The first 9 reasons have shown it:
    Hyvä Themes is well thought out in every way, convincingly superior to other frontend alternatives hands down.
    The decision for a frontend and e-commerce system is always an investment that must pay off. No online retailer wants to rely on technology or system that is then no longer supported and further developed after a short time.
    We are convinced Hyvä Theme is not just a hype that will soon disappear.
    Of course, we can't look into the future and we can't guarantee that this will happen. But at least we are not alone with our assessment - the growing community proves us right...
    The concept is too good and too convincing, technically as well as from a business perspective. The people behind Hyvä are not just anyone but have been part of the Magento community for many years, bringing not only the know-how but also the passion and conviction to keep Hyvä + Magento what it is in the long run:
    Probably the best combination for realizing e-commerce projects, from small to large, from simple to complex.
    "E-Commerce Made Happy!"

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