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Custom Design Template Individual Design and Layout following your requirements and according to your Corporate Identity.        
Default Design Template

Color-Scheme individually customizable
(See demo.clean.jajuma.de)

   - Homepage Slider with teasers for matching products, Image Teaser, Bestseller, SEO Text        
   - Category Pages Product overview pages per Category with sort options, Pagination and Filternavigation. Options to add products to wishlist and add-to-cart via „Shoppingbag-PopUp“ .        
   - Product Detail Pages Detailed presentation of product information, e. g. Price, (Short-)Description, Inventory Status, Customer Reviews, More Products from Vendor and Link to Vendor Page.        
   - Vendor List & Vendor Pages Overview of all Vendors. On each Vendor Page: All Products of Vendor similar to Category Pages. Plus Logo + Banner Image, Description, Contact Option, Customer Reviews and Legal Information from Vendor.        
   - Brands List & Brands Pages Overview of all Brands. On each Brands Page: All Products of Brands similar to Category Pages. Plus Brand Logo, Banner Image + Description.        
   - Cart & Checkout Cart-View Split by Vendor.
Checkout as user-friendly „One-Page-Checkout“
   - Customer & Vendor Registration Registration Forms for creating new Customer and Vendor Accounts. Vendor Registration with Approval Work-Flow.        
   - Customer Account The Customer Account allows Customers to view previous orders, reviews etc., manage their address book and more.        
   - Product Search The searchable Product Attributes are configurable.        
   - Newsletter

The Newsletter function supports Double-Opt-In. The registration can be manages in Customer Account.

   - Static Pages The CMS function allows to create unlimited pages with content and information for your Customers and Vendors.        
   - Pre-Configured E-Mail Templates Templates for all Transactional E-Mails are pre-configured. 
Responsive and incl. sample texts.
Admin-Backend The Admin Backend gives you full control over your Marketplace. Here you see and manage your Orders, Products, Customers, Vendors, SEO as well as general configurations etc.        
Dashboard The Dashboard gives you a quick overview about sales and activities on your Marketplace        
Order Management Each Order is split up by Vendors and each Vendor Order can be processed through Order Flow separately. The overview of all Orders as well as the managing the Orders can be done / found in the Order Management        
Catalog Management Within Catalog Management you can manage e. g. Categories, Products and Product Attributes in your Marketplace        
Customer Management You can see and manage all your registered Customers in Customer Management        
Price Rules With Price Rules you can flexibly define sales and discounts for certain Products or Orders - with or without Coupon Code.        
Newsletter Stay in touch and keep your Customers up-to-date about news and sales with Newsletters.        
CMS Create any static pages with information for your Customers and Vendors via the CMS function.        
Reports Detailed reports are available to you and optionally also to your Vendors        
Vendor Management You can create, activate and deactivate Vendors and edit their profiles in the Vendor Management. Furthermore, you can maintain the shipping methods for dealers and control which functions should be available to which Vendor.        
Transactional Emails

E-mail notifications f. Admin, Customers + Vendors. Easily edit content for system-sent emails from the Backend.

Vendor Backend Vendors manage their Profile, Orders and Products through their access to the Vendor Backend. Of course, the Vendor only has access to his own data. He can neither view nor edit orders and products of other Vendors. With "Packages" you can flexibly define which functions are available to a Vendor.        
Vendor Registration Workflow Vendors can create their own account via registration form. A login is only possible after confirmation of the email and activation of the account by the admin.        
Vendor Packages for individual functions The packages allow you to define the functional scope of the Vendor Backend via a flexible authorization system, individually for each Vendor if required.        
Flexible Commission Rate (Category, Vendor) You can also use the packages to define the commission rate, which is flexible for each category and, of course, for each Vendor individually.        
Invoices and Shipping Slips per Vendor Invoices as well as Shipping Slips can be automatically generated and sent by the system as .pdf.        
Mixed Shopping Carts For the customer orders are made even with multiple Vendors comfortably with only one payment transaction. Each order is then split into "Vendor Orders" for further processing, which can go through the order flow independently. Both, Vendors and Customers are informed about order receipt and the processing status by email notification.         
Shipping Costs and Free Shipping Limits per Vendor Define different shipping rates as well as shipping allowances your Vendors can offer to their customers.        
International Shipping Costs Determination of shipping costs based on delivery address and other criteria.        
Requested Delivery Date Let your Customers choose a delivery time window - ideal for local delivery models!        
Vendor Reviews Reviews of Vendors by Customers. Incl. optional option for Vendors to respond to Customer Reviews.        
Ticket System f. Vendor <-> Customer Communication Allows you to contact your Customers directly with your Vendors, for questions about Products, Orders, etc.        
Return Management Workflow The RMA workflow also keeps track of returns.        
Vendor-Billing For billing the marketplace fees, commission rates, etc., you can automatically generate and send invoices to your Vendors.        
Monolingual Frontend 1 Storeview        
Multilingual Frontend 2+ Storeviews        
One-Page-Checkout With fewer clicks to completed order.
The customer can make all relevant information such as address, shipping method and payment method on one page and at the same time has the shopping cart in view.
Payment methods Prepayment, Invoice, Paypal          
Payment methods Payment in advance, invoice, Paypal + credit card          
Flexible Filter Navigation Create any filterable product attributes to make it even easier for your customers to find what they are looking for.        
Live-Search View search results as you type.        
Enhanced Search (Elasticsearch) Even more precise search results as well as searchable categories and CMS pages.        
Base Price Indication of product prices according to PAngV.        
Geo-Location Module Geo-location for Products & Vendors. Presentation in map view. Filter by distance & route calculation to the customer's location.        
Blog-Integration (Wordpress) Managing blog posts via WordPress Backend. Integrated  transparently in Marketplace Frontend.        
Simplified Content Management Convenient maintenance of content on CMS pages via predefined blocks - Responsive without HTML / CSS knowledge.        
Rule-based Product Category Assignment Flexible rule-based mapping of products to categories.        
Simplified Product Data Management Easier and faster processing and modification of Product data.         
Basic Performance Optimierungen Basic performance optimizations are included as standard in JaJuMa-Market.        
Enhanced Performance Even better loading times with our Enhanced Performance Module.        
Lossless Image Compression Reduction in file sizes of images without loss of quality.        
Full-Page-Cache Depending on your needs, either Varnish or Magento Full Page Cache.        
Product Data Import Import of product data via .csv file. Each Vendor can set up their own import profiles with individual configurations.        
Order Data Export Export of order data, individually per Vendor.        
Order Data Import Import of order data, individually per Vendor.        
Standard SEO-Funktionalitäten All standard Magento SEO features as well as some individual JaJuMa-Market SEO features are available.        
SEO Optimized Filter Navigation Additional SEO optimization for filter navigation.        
Microdata Markup with Microdata
(schema.org, OpenGraph, TwitterCards).
Access JaJuMa Ticket System For support requests and any time you can view processing status.        
Hosting Performance Hosting at our partner  Rackspeed. not incl, Sizing as needed not incl, Sizing as needed not incl, Sizing as needed not incl, Sizing as needed
Test System A personal test system in order to be able to try new things and to take on new functions is available at any time.        
Monitoring We monitor your Marketplace. Depending on the configuration:
  • Server Availability
  • Application Availability
  • performance
  • Function of transactions and workflows
Server-Monitoring Server-Monitoring + Application Monitoring Server-Monitoring + Application Monitoring Plus  


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Customize Your JaJuMa-Market System

No matching package or you need a special individual feature?
No problem, combine the available functionalities individually or let us know your requirements, JaJuMa-Market can be adapted to your needs.



What we are often asked and the 


  • Is it possible to test JaJuMa Market?

    Of course, here you can find our Demo System:https://demo.clean.jajuma.de/.

    After signing the contract you will of course receive your personal test system.


  • Can I change my package later?

    Of course. With JaJuMa-Market you are as flexible as your business requires. Upgrading the selected package up or down is possible at any time.

  • Is there a minimum contract period?

    The minimum contract period is 6 months.




  • Are there interfaces?

    Currently there are interfaces for (automated) product data import and order data import and export.
    Of course, if you need additional interfaces, this can be supplemented.

  • Can I make changes to the code myself?

    We believe that JaJuMa-Market offers unbeatable benefits to our customers in the SaaS / rental model and therefore reserves the option to make changes. If, despite the benefits, you prefer to license JaJuMa-Market, please contact us.

  • Can I use JaJuMa-Market also for ...?

    The answer to this question is (almost smiley_wink.png ) always:
    "Yes, that is possible...".
    Possibly, your requirement is already covered by the current scope of functions? If not, JaJuMa-Market can be adapted to individual wishes.

* Prices are net, plus VAT.