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JaJuMa-Market is the proven and established marketplace software. Thanks to years of experience in building online marketplaces, we know the needs, requirements and challenges of building an online marketplace. Benefit from our experience and the sophisticated technical solution for online marketplaces in your Local Commerce project: JaJuMa-Market.
You will be amazed by the possibilities and functionality covering all the needs of a Local Ecommerce Business or Online Marketplace.
And: With our JaJuMa Market Locator Module, your online marketplace becomes a local commerce project that also delights your customers! Easy to handle, our locator module allows you and your dealers to find the location and address of the store as well as the location of the products. Your customers can see directly which vendors and products are nearby, see the distance to products, and also filter and sort your products by distance. Of course, the location of the customer can be determined by GPS and the customer can also directly display the route to a product or vendor.



The JaJuMa-Market Locator Module:
Must-Have Function For Every Local Commerce Project
And Every Local Online Marketplace.
You Will Be Surprised!

Map View

Location for
Vendors & Products

to Use

Customer Location
via GPS

Filter & Sorting
by Distance

Show Route to Vendor / Product

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The Locator Module - Total Local:
Present Your Local Commerce Offering To Your Customers with
Map Views for Product Location & Vendor Location,
Distance To The Customer As Well As Routing. 

Interactive Map View

The interactive overview map shows your customers all vendor locations at a glance.
Of course with the ability to search for vendors, show or hide individual vendors on the map, or search for vendors nearby by simply stating their own address via the Google API.

Location For
Vendor &

Map view of the location for each of your vendors as well as each product.
Total Local - Total Local Commerce!

Easy To Use

The Locator Module is very easy to use.
It works almost by itself but is still flexible.

Vendor Location

The location of the vendor is automatically determined by the specified address.
But it is also possible to specify a different location, either conveniently via Google query with suggestions for results or precisely over longitudes and latitudes.

Product Location

For products, the location of the vendor is used automatically.
A different location per product is of course also possible. Either precisely by specifying lengths and latitudes or by specifying an address via Google query.


Bulky latitude and longitude?
Via a comfortable address search with result suggestions, the geo data are automatically determined via the Google API.
Simple: Local Commerce!

Customer Location
via GPS

With the consent of the customer his location
can be detected automatically via GPS - so that
the customer can find the products and vendor shops
he is looking for even easier.

Products By

With the JaJuMa-Market Locator Module, your customers can easily find products nearby, restrict the range by distance or sort by distance.
Give your customers exactly the information they expect from a Local Commerce Business!

Display Routes
To Vendors / To Products