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Collect Valuable Feedback From Your Customers & Understand How To Satisfy Your Customers

Understanding customers needs, expectations & satisfaction is key for improving any business.
Gather feedback, suggestions and also critique
as a base to define actionables
for improving your service and growing your business.

The Problem
The Customer

Understanding the customer - the holy grail for running an online business successfully!
Understanding if customers like your offering and what they might be missing, understanding if customers enjoy the user experience on your site or if they struggle to find what they are looking for, struggle to place an order, etc., etc....
Insights and information that help to understand your customers are invaluable for improving your Magento online store. Only when having solid insights and knowledge about your customers, targeted measures can be defined and implemented to improve your Magento store to better meet your customer's needs and expectations.
The tools commonly used by most online stores to get insights about their customers are web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics or Matomo Analytics. Such tools provide information about your customer's behavior such as, what links they click, what are the most visited pages, what are the pages with the highest exit rate.
But what these tools do not tell you:
WHY, why are customers doing what they are doing?

The Solution
Collect Customer
Satisfaction Feedback

Besides analyzing the web traffic on the site, every store of course also offers at least a customer contact form as a feedback channel to their customers.
But is this enough?
How many customers take the effort to search the contact form, then compose a comprehensive message to let the store owner know what is on their mind?
For sure just a fraction of customers will do that, most will just leave the site with their frustration or take everything as unchangeable as it is anyway.
With JaJuMa Customer Satisfaction Feedback extension, you can now open up a feedback channel closer to the customer, right where he is on your site.
But not as a discouraging typical feedback form that requires the customer to input all his data with name, email, phone + spent the time for writing the actual message. 
Our Customer Satisfaction Feedback extension motivates your customers to provide feedback in a playful way. Leveraging the behavior familiar from social media with "Thumbs Up" and "Thumbs Down" buttons
or rating stars ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ as quantitative feedback and as a second step inviting the customer to additionally (and optionally) also provide some more details as qualitative feedback via a contact form.
Of course, all the feedback received is linked to the layout (Category Page, Product Page, Cart, etc) and exact URL from which the feedback originated for deeper analysis and specific insights.


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Customer Satisfaction Feedback by JaJuMa-Develop
The Most Flexible & Powerful Extension For Collecting Customer Feedback For Your Magento 2 Store
Understand your Customers - Identify and Fix their Concerns and Problems - Take well-founded and sound Business Decisions

Understand The Customer

Understand what makes your
Customers Happy!

Understand what makes your
Customers Unhappy

Get Quantitative & Qualitative
Customer Feedback

New Customer-friendly
Feedback Channel

Playfully Motivate to Give Feedback
with 3-Step Feedback Flow

Get Valuable Insights

Collect & Capture
Customer Feedback

Gather Customer
Suggestions and also Critique

Define Actionables

Take well-founded
& sound Business Decisions

Improve Your Business
To Your Customers Needs

Supports All Magento Layouts
as well as Custom Layouts

Highly Flexible
& Customizable

To Use


Customer Satisfaction Feedback Extension for Magento 2
by JaJuMa In Detail.
Capture Unlimited Customer Feedback.
Get The Full Picture About Happy and Unhappy Customers.

Customer Satisfaction Feedback extension by JaJuMa is incredibly powerful and flexible.

Our extension allows you to collect and capture more customer feedback than ever before. Both, as quantitative and qualitative feedback. No need to wait and hope for customers to search and find the contact form. Without sending out emails asking for reviews or feedback and hoping for some customers to reply.

Let your customers share what's on their mind right where they are on your site, on any page and layout you decide to offer them to do so by adding the Customer Satisfaction Feedback form.

Motivate your customers to provide feedback by making it as easy as a simple click on a button. Using the typical behavior they are familiar with from social media sites such as Facebook by expressing their emotions by simply clicking "Like" 👍 or "Dislike" 👎 or give a rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ .

And while they are already on it, after clicking the Thumbs Up or Down button as quantitative feedback, invite them to share their thoughts in more detail by showing a feedback form for qualitative feedback.


To get as much feedback as possible, our extension allows you to tailor the feedback questions to your customers specifically to your needs. Individually for every layout on which you decide to show the Customer Satisfaction Feedback form.

Of course, every feedback collected is tied and linked to the layout and exact URL from which the feedback was provided.
Enabling you to do detailed analysis and get in-depth insights into which parts of your site are making your customers happy and which parts provide opportunities for improvements.

Unique 3-Step Feedback Flow

Our Customer Satisfaction Feedback extension comes with a unique "3-Step Feedback Flow", providing an user-experience unlike any other feedback form and helping you to gather as much feedback as possible.

Feedback Step 1:
As a first step, customer will only see a form title with your individual question or address to your customer and a "Vote Form" in the form of thumbs up / thumbs down icons.

By addressing your customer directly with your individual layout specific question and showing the visually appealing and familiar like/dislike icons, the customer gets motivated to express whether he overall likes your site and service or if he is rather unsatisfied.
In this first step, the extension leverages the behavioural pattern customers are used to from social media to express whats on their mind and if they like what they see or not with just a simple click.

With this neat little trick, you not only get as much feedback as possible, but also a quantitative feedback that can be analyzed easily to pintpoint which parts of your site are working well for your customers and which parts need improvements in order to make your customers happy.

Customer Satisfaction Feedback Extension for Hyvä Themes

Customer Satisfaction Feedback Extension for Hyvä Themes

Feedback Step 2:
While the customer is already in the process of giving feedback, why not try to get more details about what he thinks?

No problem, our Customer Satisfaction Feedback extension allows you to do just that!
After the customer submitted the form in the 1. step with his vote by clicking "Like" 👍 or "Dislike" 👎 or give a rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ , he will be "rewarded" with a thank you message, tailored to his choice to show you care about his feedback.
With this thank you message, you can also invite the customer to explain more and provide a qualified feedback...

Customer Satisfaction Feedback Extension for Hyvä Themes

Feedback Step 3:
...if the customer confirms to provide more feedback, a classic feedback form is shown as popup as overlay.
This form can be customized with your individual message or question and allows the customer to provide a detailed qualified feedback as text message, together with his contact data if he wishes so.

Customer Satisfaction Feedback Extension for Hyvä Themes

Scope & Features

JaJuMa Customer Satisfaction Feedback Extension enables you to add feedback forms to your Magento store for collecting and gathering valuable customer feedback.


Customer Feedback forms can be added to all Magento default as well as custom layouts. Of course, customer feedback forms can be configured individually for each layout, allowing you to address your customers tailored to the purpose of each layout and Magento 2 page.

The feedback form is at first shown in an unobstrusive way right above the footer. Instead of showing the typical discouraging feedback form with many fields to fill, only a form title for you to address your customers and some icons are shown.

Of course, unobstrusive does not mean the form will go unnoticed by your customers. The form can be easily customized e. g. by phrasing the form title to directly address your customers with a attention-grabbing question you want to ask and can be easily styled to match your design or stand out by configuring eye-catching colors for the text and icons - just as you prefer.


Add & Configure Feedback Forms

JaJuMa Customer Satisfaction Feedback extension allows

  • Adding as many satisfaction feedback forms as you like
  • On any Magento default layout
  • As well as on your custom layouts

2 Vote Types Supported

For each feedback form added you can choose as vote type:

  • Thumb Vote: "Like" 👍 / "Dislike" 👎 or
  • Star Vote: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Custom & Configurable Texts

For each feedback form you can configure:

  • The vote text shown in step 1
  • The vote feedback text shown in step 2, individually for each vote result
  • The feedback form text shown in step 3

Configurable Colors

and of course you can also configure the colors for

  • Texts as well as
  • Icons used

Configurations & Screenshots

General Configurations

Customer Feedback Forms

Select Form Layout

Select Vote Type

Vote Type Stars - Messages

Vote Type Thumbs - Messages

Customer Feedbacks - Overview

JaJuMa Customer Satisfaction Feedback - General Configuration
JaJuMa Customer Satisfaction Feedback - Feedback Forms
JaJuMa Customer Satisfaction Feedback - Select Form Layout
JaJuMa Customer Satisfaction Feedback - Select Vote Type
JaJuMa Customer Satisfaction Feedback - Vote Type Stars Messages
JaJuMa Customer Satisfaction Feedback - Vote Type Thumbs Messages
JaJuMa Customer Satisfaction Feedback - Customer Feedbacks Overview

Manual & FAQ

As easy as it can get::

  • Install Extension,
  • Enable Extension
  • Configure Customer Satisfaction Feedback Forms and

...thats it!



Version: 1.0.0

  • Initial Release