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The marketplace business model is becoming increasingly popular. JaJuMa-Market is the first provider to offer you a comprehensive marketplace software based on the shop-in-shop principle. Also suitable for special topics such as local marketplaces as well as for B2C and B2B marketplaces.
Whether a "real" marketplace or drop-shipping, the key advantage over a regular online store is certainly the ability to provide the customer with a comprehensive range of products, without having to capitalize on inventory and fulfillment processes. That sounds tempting at first, though... 


With its modular system architecture, JaJuMa-Market is the right choice for both, start-ups and established companies. Extensions are available for numerous industry and niche-specific requirements. Not only by the growth of your business, but also by the constant change in ;E-Commerce new requirements will arise for your on-line marketplace business regularly. Take advantage of the numerous and growing number of extensions offered by JaJuMa-Market Marketplace Software. The marketplace software grows with your business! We also gladly implement individual extensions together with you!


JaJuMa-Market extends the world's most popular online shop software "Magento" to a comprehensive marketplace software. Benefit from the large Magento developer community, the large number of extensions and the great technical maturity of Magento as a multivendor system.

From One Hand

As a marketplace operator, your customers and vendors need your full attention. JaJuMa offers all marketplace-related services from a single source. In addition to the marketplace software and hosting we also support you in design, SEO, (product) data management and individual developments as needed.


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Icon Online Marketplace Software Vendor Portal

Vendor Portal

With our JaJuMa-Market Online Marketplace Software, you provide each vendor with their own vendor portal on your Online Marketplace. Here, the vendor processes his products as well as his merchant profile and can also manage his incoming orders. From here, the vendor can also launch promotions etc. You control the scope of functions available via a flexible authorization system, individually for each vendor if required.

Screenshot Online Marketplace Software Vendor Portal

Stay In Control...

... about the look & Feel and what's happening on your online marketplace. But at the same time, give your ´vendors the opportunity to present themselves in the best possible way and to sell successfully through your online marketplace. JaJuMa-Market allows you to use granular "packages" to control which functions are available to your vendors. In any case, only their data, products, sales, etc. are visible to vendors. For each package, you can also set your commission rate for sales via your online marketplace individually and per category.
Icon Online Marketplace Software Vendor Shop / Shop-in-Shop

Design Own Shop-In-Shop

Of course, the vendor portal of our Marketplace Software does not only allow your vendors to manage contact and legal information, such as imprint or cancellation policy, but also the design of their own shop-in-shop with individual descriptions, photos and videos. Your customers can conveniently search the merchant's products for categories and product filters or sort them according to configurable criteria. Of course, your customers can also give a rating & review for your vendors.

Screenshot Online Marketplace Software Vendor Shop

More Space For Your Vendors

Your vendors are the heart of your online marketplace. With our marketplace software, each vendor can have his own vendor shop or vendor profile. This page is accessible under a, of course, configurable short URL that is easy to remember and can also be used in promotions (e. g. ""). Through its vendor portal, every vendor can design his merchant profile simply by uploading the logo, banner, pictures etc. and telling the story about himself and his products. Of course, there is also the possibility to provide necessary legal information such as imprint and cancellation policy. For the customer, the vendor shop offers the opportunity to get to know the vendor and his offer and, if desired, also communicate directly with the vendor via a contact form to ask questions about products, for example.
Icon Online Marketplace Software Mixed Carts

Mixed Carts - Joint Check-out

What would an online marketplace software be without a joint checkout for all vendors? Of course, even with mixed shopping carts. The clear presentation with subtotals and shipping costs per vendor creates a professional and customer-friendly shopping experience. Even in the conversion-optimized one-page checkout, your customers can see all the information at a glance in order to complete the order process as easily as possible with as few clicks as possible and even when placing orders with multiple vendors with just one payment process.

Screenshot Online Marketplace Software - Mixed Carts

The Difference Compared To An Online Store: "Split-Carts"

Customers love marketplaces, especially because of the ability to choose and order products from a rich assortment. But: It should be simple, with only one checkout or payment process. JaJuMa-Market makes this possible. Each order is split into "Vendor Orders" for further processing, which can go through the order flow independently. Both vendors and customers are informed about order receipt and the processing status by email notification. By the way, shipping costs can be individually configured by each vendor. The shipping costs are determined based on the products in the shopping cart per vendor. If necessary, shipping costs are also possible depending on the delivery address (e. g. international shipping) and other criteria as well as "premium" shipping methods or free shipping.
Icon Payment Processing

Secure Payment Processing

Various payment methods and secure payment processing are of course a given for a modern e-commerce system.
However, the marketplace business model is also subject to European Union financial market regulations and e. g. the German Payment Services Supervision Act (ZAG) and is thus subject to supervision by authorities / BaFin . Of course, we support you with our experience in ensuring legally compliant and BaFin-compliant payment processing with JaJuMa-Market.

Screen Online Marketplace Software - Secure Payment Processing

Online-Marketplace - But Secure!

Anyone who runs an online business is responsible for the data of his customers. That's why the security of your customer data is important to us. This concerns https-only (which we generally recommend, for reasons of security, but also as an SEO factor) and the secure connection of payment service providers. However, this also means that we have further increased the already high security standard of Magento for JaJuMa-Market and reduced the attack vectors by additional measures. Of course, we also take care of regular maintenance and timely patching in case of security vulnerabilities that have become known.
Magento Online Marketplace Software Features

Magento Features Are Available

Magento is known for its extensive functionality. Of course, all Magento features are available with our marketplace software. If necessary, these were adapted to the requirements of the shop-in-shop business model. This diversity of functions is an unbeatable advantage of JaJuMa-Market over alternatives. The possibility to be able to use the countless available extensions if necessary is also a not to be underestimated argument that speaks for JaJuMa-Market as a marketplace software.

Screen Online Marketplace Software - Magento Marketplace Features

JaJuMa-Market: Marketplace-Software - Powered by Magento

With JaJuMa-Market and Magento you bet on the most flexible e-commerce platform in the world - a decision you will not regret. No marketplace is like the other and every project has its own characteristics. We experience it again and again. Frequently, new requirements also only become apparent over time. The business model is changing, new vendors and products are coming in, new marketing ideas, etc., there are many reasons for new requirements. With JaJuMa-Market and Magento, you are well equipped to adapt your online marketplace to your business model and requirements at all times from the beginning and in the future. And, of course, this is usually much less expensive than in-house development "from scratch" or monolithic online marketplace software, where changes are often only feasible through costly rework and corrections.
Icon Local Online Marketplace - Local Commerce

Local Online Marketplace - Local Commerce

Local Online Marketplace or Local Commerce? Total Local - No problem with JaJuMa-Market!
The pressure on traditional "offline" retailers through the online competition from Amazon & Co. is growing steadily. There is no question that stationary retailing will have to be present online in the future. However, setting up, running, maintaining and marketing your own online store is difficult to achieve for smaller retailers. The Marketplace Software JaJuMa-Market offers you, for example, as a municipality, advertising community or founder, the opportunity to master this challenge together. With JaJuMa-Market you are choosing an established solution for online marketplaces, which also offers everything that makes a local online market place.


Click & Collect, Same Day Delivery, Locations...

From a local online marketplace, your customers expect exactly the same as from a normal online marketplace in terms of functionality, usability, design, etc. But that's not all, find out more about how to use JaJuMa-Market as software for your online marketplace while being well prepared for the special challenges of local commerce:
Icon Online Marketplatz Software Add-Ons

We Offer A Variety Of Useful Add-Ons

Choose from a variety of useful add-ons that enhance your customer's shopping experience, make your daily work easier, and help you advertise your platform. Benefit from the modular structure of our marketplace software. The available modules and functions are constantly increasing. Convince yourself by checking our detailed feature overview.
But we also gladly implement individual requirements together with you.

Screen  Online Marketplace Software Add-Ons & Extensions

Modular & Flexibly Customizable

You have a specific business model, processes and functionalities in mind for your marketplace. With JaJuMa-Market you get a powerful standard software for online marketplaces, which can be adapted to your individual needs thanks to the modular architecture. So that you can optimally develop your business and make it efficient and differentiate yourself from the competition. Discover the already available add-ons and features of our marketplace software, most of your needs will already be covered. Of course, if you miss a feature or need customization, you can do it anytime.
Icon Online Marketplace Software Product Import

Flexible Product Import

The manual creation of products as well as the assurance of a good data quality can mean a lot of effort. To make it easier for you and your vendors to create and update, our flexible product import is available if required. You or your vendors will simply deliver your product data as .csv file, which will then be imported including the product images. Of course, regular and automatically executed imports are no problem. For example, for anytime up-to-date stock levels and prices.

Screen Online Marketplace Software Product Import

Individual Import-Profiles by Vendor

Each vendor can have their own import profiles set up with individual configurations. Thus, we can also implement imports of .csv files in different formats or from different third-party systems for you. In addition, extensive configurations can be made for each import profile in order to correct the data in the .csv, to adapt it to the data structure in your marketplace, or to import data as default values that do not exist in the .csv files. The possibilities are almost endless and you and your vendors will appreciate the time savings!
Icon Online Marketplace Software Quality-Hosting


An online marketplace that is not available does not create any sales. In order to ensure the best accessibility, reliability and performance for you, we host JaJuMa-Market at our long-standing partner Rackspeed. For your JaJuMa-Market system you get exactly the server power you need. From the small package for a few SKU and low traffic - up to large packages for individual setups and functions such as Varnish Caching or Elasticsearch.


Performance, Security & Reliability

For reliable and stable operation, Rackspeed uses only branded hardware in 2 independent data centers. Both data centers have redundant infrastructures and certifications as proof of quality and security (e. g. ISO 27001). Of course, the security of your data is ensured by regular backups as well as software updates and in particular timely patching of security vulnerabilities.
Icon Online Marketplace Software Performance

Performance- and Page Speed -Optimizations

Fast load times have been proven to be a critical success factor for any online business that directly impacts both the conversion rate and SEO rankings. JaJuMa-Market already includes a whole range of performance optimization measures by default. Starting with reliable and performance-optimized hosting over the elimination of performance bottlenecks through code optimizations to e. g. reduced number of requests per page view by merged Java script and CSS files. Is not enough? No problem...

Online Marketplace Software Performance

Rocket Speed Thanks To FPC And Further Optimizations

In order to achieve even better loading times, further optimizations are easily possible at any time, depending on the requirements. You want to be able to handle top performance and at the same time more traffic with less server capacity? Here, too, you benefit from our experience: you have the choice between the "professional solution" Varnish Full Page Cache (FPC) or the "smaller" alternative, a Magento FPC. Other performance enhancements, such as automated lossless image compression or lazy-loading of product images, are also optionally available.