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Hyvä PWA For Your Magento 2 Store

Finally, Magento as a REALLY fast Progressive Web App (PWA)
& Add Your Magento 2 Store to Google Play Store

The Problem
Hyvä Theme

For quite some time Progressive Web Apps where preached as THE future Magento frontend.
Promising fast page load times and a better user experience than traditional, integrated/monolithic, Magento frontends.
But reality showed these claims and promises to be wrong. These frontends advertised as PWAs and the future of Magento could not keep up with promised page speed and additionally introduced new problems - and extensive costs - due to being overly complicated to implement and maintain.
But now Hyvä Theme has come around, showing that an integrated/monolithic frontend can indeed provide rocket fast page load times and an outstanding user experience. And all that at a much lower price point for implementation and maintenance compared to PWAs.
Problem solved, huh?
Technically, yes. But there still all these ads and marketing campaigns trying to tell you you need a PWA, because otherwise your store is not ready for the future of eCommerce.
So you still want a PWA because they say its what you need for your Magento store?
Or you don't care about PWA Marketing blah blah, but simply want your Magento 2 store in Google Play Store?
Read on... we've got something for you, it's even free...

The Solution
Hyvä Theme

Hyvä Theme OR PWA? Now you can have both, Hyvä Theme AS PWA!
Now you do not have to decide between Hyvä Theme and PWA anymore.
With our free Hyvä PWA extension you can enjoy all the Benefits of Hyvä Theme for your Magento 2 store, while at the same time pass the PWA check by Google Lighthouse.
Finally, a really fast PWA frontend for Magento 2 that is easy to implement!
Additionally, our free Hyvä PWA extension allows you to add your Magento 2 store to Google Play store!
Simply install and configure our module, submit your Magento 2 store to Google Play store and let your customers install and enjoy your store like a mobile app!


Further Questions? Have a Feature-Request?
Or need some individual customization?
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Hyvä PWA for Magento 2 by JaJuMa-Develop
Hyvä Theme as PWA =
Hyvä Theme Performance, Usability & Benefits - Magento 2 ready for Google Play store

Hyvä Theme

Submit Magento 2 store
to Google Play store

Allow Customers to
Install Magento like a Mobile App


Hyvä PWA for Magento 2
by JaJuMa In Detail.
Make Your Magento Store Pass The Google Lighthouse PWA Check
Get Your Magento Store Ready for Google Play Store

With our Hyvä PWA extension for Magento 2 you can easily configure the meta data needed for your Magento 2 store to pass the Google Lighthouse PWA Check.

  • Name, Short Name & Description
  • URL
  • Theme & Background Colors
  • Display Type
  • Allowed Screen Orientation as well as
  • App Icon & Sizes

Additionally the extension allows you to add a basic service worker to your Magento store.

With the configured meta data added to your site as manifest.json, together with the service worker, your site is prepared to pass the Lighthouse PWA Check and is eligible for Google Play store submission as app that is installable by your customers on their Android devices.


See Hyvä Theme as PWA in action in screenshots below.

Or try it out now!
Install the Hyvä Theme PWA on your Android device from Google Play Store


Hyvä PWA in Google Play Store

Hyvä PWA App Screen 1

Hyvä PWA App Screen 2

JaJuMa Hyvä PWA - Google Play Store
JaJuMa Hyvä PWA - Mobile App Screen 1
JaJuMa Hyvä PWA - Mobile App Screen 2


As easy as it can get::

  • Install Extension,
  • Configure Hyvä PWA
  • Submit your Magento store to Google Play

...thats it!



Version: 1.0.0

  • Initial Release



Magento 2.0

Magento 2.1

Magento 2.2

Magento 2.3

Magento 2.4

Hyvä Themes

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