Smart Speculations Rules for Magento 2

Smart Speculations Rules Extension for Magento 2
Hyvä Compatible Themes Out-of-the-box
Mage-OS Compatible

Instant Page Navigations With Smart Prerendering Via  Speculations Rules API

Be smart and make your Magento site smart!
Prerender pages even before users click a link.
Predictive speculative loading based on visitors browsing behavior in the past as well as on user interaction.

Upgrade Your Magento Store
Performance & User Experience:

  • Ultra-Fast UX / Instant Page Views
    Thanks To Prerendering in Background
  • Smart Speculative Loading
    With Predictive Prerendering/Prefetching
  • Data-Driven Speculations Rules Based
    On Google Analytics Or Matomo Data
  • Continuously Learning & Improving,
    Auto Adapting To Content Changes
  • Additionally, Prerendering/Prefetching
    Based On User Interaction
  • Flexibly And Easily Configurable To Work Seamlessly With Your Magento Store
  • Fixes Magento Incompatibility With Speculations Rules API

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The First And Only Speculation Rules API Extension With 100% Compatibility For Magento 2
With Smart Predictive Pre-rendering Based On Your Customers Behavior And Typical Click Paths In Your Store.
For Instant Page Navigations...

Performance & User Experience Boost
for Your Magento 2 Store!


Simply speaking, the typical performance optimization is trying one or both of:

  • Reduce the amount of data that needs to be downloaded by users Browser
  • Try to get the data down the wire to the user as fast as possible
  • Load and process this data efficiently and in correct order follow their priority

But there are more, often overseen, levers to improve the performance of Magento stores.
One of them is getting data down the wire to the customer ahead of time, even before the customer clicks a link. A quite powerful approach for performance optimization that we have been using in the past for example with our Page Preload extension.

Now there is another one, even more advanced option for this available: The Speculation Rules API.

Read on to learn how our extension will help you to get the most out of this new Speculation Rules API. And how you can now upgrade your Magento store performance & user experience to a new level.


See how JaJuMa Smart Speculations Rules will help you level-up the performance & user experience of your Magento 2 store:
The extension will fetch your tracking data from Google Analytics.
Based on this tracking data, the typical click path of your customers and links with highest probability for next click are determined.
These links will be prerendered with high priority by the browser in the background.
Pre-rendered means, the browser will download the HTML, JS, CSS, fonts as well as images etc and fully process the page - just like when a page is opened normally.
By this, the page will be fully available when user later clicks on this link and needs to be only restored from memory.

Furthermore, our extension allows you to easily add configurations to let the browser prerender additional links based on user-interaction (hover on desktop / pointerdown on mobile)

By this, our module allows you to get the most benefit from the Speculation Rules API.
Exploiting the limits defined by browsers for speculative loading while finding the balance between cost and efficiency as well as considering desktop and mobile users. Read more below about how this extension works and why this is a huge improvement for your Core Web Vitals Field Data!


Smart Speculations Rules by JaJuMa-Develop

The Performance & User Experience
Boost Extension For Magento 2.

Upgrade Your Core Web Vitals Field Data!


Performance Optimization
For Rocket Speed

And Top Core Web Vitals


Instant Page

Via Speculations Rules API


User Experience

For Happy Customers



Based On Analytics Data


Before User Click

For High-Traffic Pages


On User Interaction

When User Hovers/Tab's Links


Continuously Learning
And Improving

Click Predictions


Automatically Adapting
Speculations Rules

To Changed/New Content


Automatically Adjusting
Speculations Rules

To Changed User Behavior


The Only 100%
Magento Compatible
Speculations Rules

Integration Available


Speculations Strategies



Speculations Data
Available For Analysis

In Backend & As Download


Optionally Measure
Your Prerender Ratio

In Google Analytics/Matomo


Debug Tool
To Easily Verify

And See The Module Work


Flexibly And Easily
Configurable To Work

Seamlessly With Your Magento Store

Google Analytics

As Data Source


Matomo Analytics

As Data Source

Hyvä Theme Compatible
See Hyvä Demo
Mage-OS Compatible
See Mage-OS Demo


Smart Speculations Rules Extension for Magento 2 by JaJuMa In Detail.
Instant Page Navigations With Prerendering/Prefetching for Magento 2.

Improve your User Experience and Core Web Vitals

JaJuMa Smart Speculations Rules Extension

What Is The Speculation Rules API?

"Speculation Rules API": The Latest Hot Thing To Boost The Performance Of Your Magento 2 Store

The Speculation Rules API for prefetching/prerendering is a technology used by Google Chrome and other Browsers to create a faster browsing experience. It allows predictive prerendering/prefetching as well as on user interaction.

The API prefetches/prerenders the anticipated webpage in the background, before the user even clicks a link, making it available instantly if the user decides to open it.
It’s also designed to pause the prerendering process if it uses up too many resources, ensuring a balanced use of system capacities.

Ready to learn more on how JaJuMa Smart Speculations Rules will help you to get the most from Speculative prerendering thanks to smart data-driven speculation rules?

See below how it works and how the predictive prerendering/prefetching is continuously learning and adapting to your site.

This extension uses Google Analytics API OR Matomo Analytics API.
Using Matomo Analytics API is free, but using Google Analytics API is only free within a certain quota.
The module includes options to avoid exceeding the free quota.
However, at least for bigger sites additional costs for using the Google API may occur depending on how fast/frequently data is updated.

Why Should I Use Prerendering/Prefetching Via Speculation Rules In My Magento 2 Store?

Prerendering/Prefetching as Core Web Vitals Optimization:
Via Prerendering/Prefetching reduced Core Web Vitals directly affect your Core Web Vitals (CWV) Field Data.
The benefit won't be visible with lab data as shown e. g. by Google Page Speed.
However, the ranking relevant field data numbers as reported by your users, will benefit from a direct positive impact.

Prerendering/Prefetching Provides Multiple Benefits For Magento 2 Stores:

  1. Enhanced Site Performance: Prerendering/Prefetching via Speculation Rules API can dramatically improve a Magento Stores Core Web Vitals Field Data. Since loading and rendering are performed in background, customer page navigations for prerendered pages are instant with outstanding CWVs.
  2. Improved User Experience: Since pages are rendered in advance, users experience almost instant page loading. This significantly boosts the user experience and customer satisfaction.
  3. Increase in Sales: Faster page load speed can reduce bounce rates and might lead to increased conversion rates. Customers are more likely to make a purchase when they do not have to wait long for pages to load.
  4. Better SEO Rankings: Search engines, like Google, favor websites with quicker load times. Prerendering/Prefetching your Magento store pages can help improve SEO and lead to higher rankings in search results.

How Smart Speculations Prerendering/Prefetching For Magento 2 Works

Collect & Prepare Speculations

As a first step, the module collects "Speculations Data" from your Google Analytics or Matomo Analytics tracking data.
Based on collected tracking data, the probability for a link to be "clicked next" by your customer gets calculated.

The Speculations Data gets constantly updated in order to continuously learn and improve based on your customers behavior and to automatically adapt to any content changes on your Magento site.
This process works fully automated via cron jobs to make sure your Speculations Data is always up-to-date.

Of course, JaJuMa Smart Speculations Rules has also measures and options in place to keep your Speculations Data clean and adapt it to your custom site structure by excluding certain links and URL parameters.
As well as options to keep collecting and processing Speculations Data lean and cost efficient to suit your needs.

Add Speculation Rules For Magento Stores
But Smart!

For each URL on your site individually, the extension will add the links anticipated to be the "next clicked link" with high probability based on the Speculations Data as Speculation Rules with high priority.
This means, the prerendering/prefetching will start as soon as possible to have a good chance the prerendering is already completed when the user actually clicks the link.

As a result, your customer has the fastest possible browsing experience and these instant page navigations will also reflect in improved Core Web Vitals field data.

With our extension you have full control over the prerendering/prefetching:
Configure the max number of links to be added for prerender/prefetch, allow prerendering/prefetching only for links with a probability to be clicked above a certain threshold or exclude certain URLs from prerendering/prefetching altogether.

Different Speculations Strategies Supported

Conservative Speculation Strategy

This strategy aims at

  • Reducing cost for speculations by using "immediate" only for prefetches (rather low cost) and using prerendering (more costly) only for links with very high probability to be clicked (= user already interact with the link).
  • While still leveraging the data-driven predictive speculations for optimizing the result.

The idea with the "Conservative Speculations Strategy" is a prerender/prefetch approach with 2 stages:

  • Stage:
    Links with high probability to be clicked next based on analytics data will be added as speculation rule
    - type = "prefetch"
    - source = "list" and
    - eagerness "immediate"
    The Browser will try to prefetch (= download the main document) these links as fast as possible.
  • Stage:
    Links with very high probability to be clicked next will be be added as speculation rule
    - type = "prerender"
    - source = "document" and
    - eagerness = "moderate"
    The browser will start prerendering these links on user interaction (i. e. when user hover the link).

With this approach, for the high probability links prefetched in 1. Stage, we have a higher chance the prerender in Stage 2 will actually complete before the user see the page.

Data Driven Speculation Strategy

This strategy aims at

  • Prerendering as much as reasonable by combining predictive data-based & user interaction triggered prerendering, for higher chance the next click will be prerendered.
  • While trying to still have a good benefit/cost balance, but accepting somewhat more waste of resources.

The idea with the "Data Driven Speculation Strategy" is a prerender approach with 2 stages:

  • Stage:
    Links with high probability to be clicked next based on analytics data will be added as speculation rule
    - type = "prerender"
    - source = "list" and
    - eagerness "immediate"
    The Browser will try to fully prerender these links as fast as possible.
  • Stage:
    Links with very high probability to be clicked next will be be added as speculation rule
    - type = "prerender"
    - source = "document" and
    - eagerness = "moderate"
    The browser will start prerendering these links on user interaction (i. e. when user hover the link).

With this approach, the prerender intensity will be somewhat higher as links with a good confidence to be clicked next based on analytics data are prerendered instead of only prefetched.

What Is The Best Strategy For Prerendering/Prefetching Via Speculation Rules API?

It Depends...
Generally speaking, you have X seconds from page load to user's next click to prefetch or ideally prerender the next page.
Prerendering/Prefetching more or as much as possible could help to achieve this goal...

  • The sooner you prefetch/preload the next link, the higher the chance the prefetch/preload can be completed before the user clicks the link.
  • The more prefetch/preload you do, the more resources will be wasted. Both, on your server as well as on your clients device
  • Prefetching/Prerendering too much can have a negative impact on your sites performance and your users experience

So the actual goal is to prerender

  • as targeted as possible by finding the links with high probability/confidence to be clicked and
  • focus your prerendering on these and
  • to find a balance between prerendering enough while still reducing the cost and waste of resources

With the data-driven approach and the configuration options provided by JaJuMa Smart Speculations Rules you are perfectly equipped to reach these goals as good as possible!

Further recommendations to find the best strategy for prerendering/prefetching via Speculation Rules API

With JaJuMa Smart Speculations Rules you can see the speculations data including calculated click probabilities in your backend. Additionally, there is an option to download this data for further analysis.
-> Review this data to find the best strategy for your case.

Consider the cost for using speculation rules and choose a strategy that fits your situation and willingness to cover the cost for additional traffic.
Are you using Hyvä Themes? Build your site "Hyvä Style", loading only one CSS file (or even no CSS file using Hyvä Inline CSS), only one JS file or at least deferred all the heavy JS work until after user interaction (= will not be processed by prerender requests)?
In that case, with such a lightweight Frontend, the costs for prerendering will be lower than for example with Luma that is rather heavy on JS.
-> And lower costs means you should be able to prerender more...

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We offer different ways of Magento 2 extension installation:

Before Installing

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Please Note:
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Links for composer installation to Github/Marketplace can be found on top of this page in technical info section - Click Here

Error Could not find a matching version of package jajuma/[module-name]. Check the package spelling, your version constraint and that the package

With this error message, most likely the key used for the Marketplace repo is wrong/invalid, i. e. not the key that belongs to the account that purchased the module. Please double-check to use the correct key for the Marketplace repo.

For installing extensions from Magento Marketplace, please follow this guide and make sure to use the correct key for the Marketplace repo:
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