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MySQL Search For Your Magento 2 Store

Run Your Magento Store without Elasticsearch

The Problem
Is Required

Since Magento version 2.4 Elasticsearch is mandatory and required for Magento to run. Without Elasticsearch, Magento has no search function and even does not show any products.
It is great to have Elasticsearch integrated in Magento out-of-the-box as it provides a powerful, modern search experience.
However, many Magento stores do not need Elasticsearch or benefit from Elasticsearch at all.
For example stores with a small catalog or products/customer target group where a fancy full text search is of low priority. Elasticsearch is also not need by stores that use an external search service such as Algolia, Klevu, Hello Retail, Doofinder etc..
In such cases there is not only no value added by Elasticsearch.
Even worse, it is just an unnecessary additional level of complexity, single point of failure and cost factor for no good reason.

The Solution
Magento 2
Without Elasticsearch

With the MySQL Search extension for Magento 2 by JaJuMa you can now run your Magento 2 store without Elasticsearch again, exactly and just as good as it was before Magento version 2.4.
Save the money and troubles for hosting and maintaining Elasticsearch.
Avoid another single-point of failure by removing Elasticsearch from your Magento 2 technology stack.
Make your Magento store small again!
Use Magento with the search function based on MySQL as before Magento 2.4 or enjoy the search experience as provided by an external search provider of your choice - while at the same time reducing the complexity and cost of your Magento store!
Get our MySQL Search extension now and start saving money today!
Thanks to reduced hosting requirements and an easier to maintain Magento...


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MySQL Search for Magento 2 by JaJuMa-Develop
Magento without Elasticsearch =
reduced costs - reduced complexity - less risk of failure

MySQL as Search Engine
For Magento 2

Run Magento 2
Without Elasticsearch

Install Magento 2
Without Elasticsearch

Reduced Cost
For Hosting & Hardware

Reduced Complexity
For Your Magento 2 Store



MySQL Search for Magento 2
by JaJuMa In Detail.
Make Your Magento Store Small Again
by eliminating Elasticsearch from your technology stack.

Of course, it is great to see Magento evolving, getting better and more modern.
Any integration of new and contemporary technology into Magento is very welcome.
However, Magento became as popular as it is because of it's flexibility. Magento is Open-Source and Open-Source is always also about choice and the freedom of choice.

Unfortunately, with the decision to remove MySQL as search engine from Magento core and making Elasticsearch the only supported and thus required search engine, Adobe broke with the previous Magento philosophy of being powered by flexibility, freedom of choice and being a suitable solution for merchants and online stores from small/medium size businesses up to enterprise level companies.
The good news is: Magento is still open source and will always be open source.
This means nothing less than that the legendary community can still shape Magento to keep up with it's original philosophy and with everyone's needs.
JaJuMa MySQL Search is one small piece of the puzzle of giving merchants the freedom of choice, the option to use and run Magento in whatever way is most suitable for them. And not be dependent on some obscure decision made by some big company that does not care about the users of their product.


MySQL Search for Magento 2
Use-cases where you might not need Elasticsearch

Stores wit a small catalog

Search results with MySQL Search are not all bad. After all, it was good enough for most Magento stores before Magento 2.4.
E. g. Stores with a rather small catalog are one example use-case where Elasticsearch is simply over-engineered and does not justify the extra costs and complexity over MySQL as search engine.

Full-Text Search not important for customers

Who knows your customers, their wishes and behavior better than you as a merchant?
You have setup your store with a well organized navigation structure, customers find the products they are looking for easily without a search or simply use the full-text search only very little for whatever reason.

Stores that are using external search services

No question: An outstanding and excellent search experience is crucial for most Magento stores!
Nowadays many Magento stores integrate external search services that provide search experiences that are superior to the Magento default one based on Elasticsearch. Faster, better Live-Search, better search results...
But why take the cost and troubles for two search engines, the external one + Elasticsearch?

Development Environments

Developing on Magento is challenging enough.
And the last thing you want as a developer is wasting your time getting your development environment up and running and maintaining it. For many developer and testing tasks, the search function is simply not necessary.
Reduce your development times by having an option to switch to a search engine that simply works without further ado.


As easy as it can get::

  • Install Extension,
  • Configure MySQL as Search Engine
  • (Remove/Delete your Elasticsearch)

...thats it!



Version: 1.0.0

  • Initial Release



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