Ultimate Image Optimizer
For Magento 2

The All-In-One Image Optimization Extension
For Your Magento Store:

  • Smaller Image Files: AVIF & WebP
  • Optimized Page Load: Lazy Loading
  • Better Quality: High-Resolution Images
  • Core Web Vitals: LCP & CLS Optimization

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Magento 2: Better Performance and faster load times with  AVIF + WebP compared to JPG/PNG

The All-In-One Image Optimization Extension For Magento 2: AVIF, WebP, Lazy Loading + High Resolution (Retina) Images

AVIF Optimized Images

The Newest File Format For Images
Even Smaller Image Files With Same Quality.
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Comparison: Filesize AVIF vs. JPG Comparison: Filesize AVIF vs. JPG

WebP Optimized Images

Faster page load times thanks to smaller image file sizes
Fully automated, easy to use, but still highly flexible.
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Comparison: File size WebP vs. JPG Comparison: File size WebP vs. JPG

Lazy Loading Images

Our Ultimate Image Optimization extension
allows to enable lazy loading for images in your Magento 2 store.
Do not miss this chance for improved page speed!

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Lazy Loading Example - Above The Fold Lazy Loading Example - Below The Fold

High-Resolution Images

Ultra Sharp & Crystal Clear Product Images.
By adding High-Resolution / Retina Images.
Of course, fully automated & no need to upload additional images.

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Magento 2 Ultimate Image Optimizer: High Resolution ( Magento 2 Ultimate Image Optimizer: High Resolution (

Based on the #1 WebP Images Solution
for Magento 2

Reliably Converting .webp Images in Magento 2 Stores Since 2+ Years

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Images are essential for any online store &
optimizing images in every way possible is crucial for e-commerce sites.
With our Ultimate Image Optimization extension you found the one-stop,
all-in-one image optimization solution for performance optimization &
faster load times, Core Web Vitals optimization with faster LCP and preventing CLS
as well as best quality possible, also on Retina/High-Resolution displays.

The Performance & Quality Boost for Your Magento 2 Store!
AVIF Images - WebP Images - Lazy Loaded - High-Resolution ("Retina")
Core Web Vitals Optimization

The Problem
Image Sizes
Page Load Time
Image Quality

Every online store features tons of images, product images as well as images presenting the brand image, and so on. But with many images there are challenges and also chances for optimization.

Making sure images are loading fast and not killing the page load times and page speed score are key, for user experience as well as for SEO with performance being an important ranking factor.

On the other side, images should always be of high, crystal clear and ultra-sharp quality. So any lossy compression needs to be done with care and with this goal in mind.

But no worries, we got you covered. Check our solution for you that takes care of all your Magento 2 image optimization needs in just one single extension.

The Solution
AVIF & WebP Optimized
Lazy Loading

Tired of manually optimizing your images, trying to find the best balance between compression and quality? Want images to be smaller, to load faster? Not satisfied with the quality of your product images?
See how our extension will help you with solving these challenges:
AVIF Optimized Images:
JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer is the first extension providing AVIF support for Magento 2.
The cutting-edge image file format AVIF allows even smaller filesizes than WebP.
Automatic conversion by Cron/CLI, configurable quality, 100% Browser-Compatibility.
WebP Optimized Images:
WebP is a superior image format allowing significantly reduced file sizes while maintaining the same quality compared to JPG and PNG.
Our extension converts your existing .jpg/.png files to .webp, automatically and with the compression level that suits your needs.
Lazy Loading:
Adding lazy loading native and/or by script to ensure your images are only loaded when really needed
Make your site stand out with crisp and super-sharp images showing every tiny detail in your product images by adding Retina/High-Resolution versions for your product images.
Core Web Vitals Optimization:
Faster Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) through smaller image files with modern next-generation .webp/.avif image formats and avoid Content Layout Shift (CLS) by automatically adding missing image dimensions (width & height) to all your optimized images.


Further Questions? Have a Feature-Request?
Or need some individual customization?
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Ultimate Image Optimizer by JaJuMa-Develop
The All-In-One Image Optimization Extension For Magento 2.
Performance & Image Optimization, Completely Automated, Flexible But Still Easy To Use!

JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer creates up to 9 versions for each image fully automatically.
Depending on browser and display capabilities, the most suitable image version will be served to your customers.
JaJuMa WebP Optimized Images Extension

Includes All Features From Our "WebP Optimized Images" Extension.
See here for more details about WebP Image format and how the conversion works.

AVIF / AV1 Logo

AVIF Optimized Images

Adding native and/or script based Lazy Load to any image already converted to .webp

Configurable loading icon.

Option to Exclude/Blacklist any Image from Lazy Load
Easily via Configuration from Backend
(e. g. Images above the fold)

Background Images Optimization

Adding Retina/High-Resolution Images for your Product Images.

With double and/or triple resolution for crystal clear and ultra sharp image quality

Automated conversion & optimization on-the-fly
(WebP + High-Resolution / Retina Variants)

Automated conversion & optimization via cron/command line interface (CLI)
(AVIF, WebP & High Resolution / Retina Variants)

Dedicated Optimized Images Cache

Useful AVIF & WebP Conversion Test Tool & AVIF/WebP Conversion Preview in Backend

Completely Local / On-Premise Solution.
No Additional Cost Or Dependencies from External 3rd Party Services

Detailed overview regarding image optimization status, converted and generated image variants as well as image file sizes

Core Web Vitals:
Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) Optimization

Core Web Vitals:
Avoid Content Layout Shift (CLS)


Ultimate Image Optimizer Extension for Magento 2 by JaJuMa In Detail.
Image Optimization at its best for Your Online Store!
Next-Generation AVIF & WebP Optimized Images, Lazy Loaded + High Resolution Images...

Image optimization for websites can be a tricky task!
Image files should be as small as possible for fast loading, while still being sharp and of high quality. For this, using the right image file format and the perfect balance between compression and quality is key.
Images should not slow down the page load more than necessary. This means images should only be loaded when really needed and visible to the visitor.
Images should be displayed as crystal clear and sharp as possible down to the smallest detail, on every device and display. For this, images need to be optimized for utilizing the capabilities that modern "Retina" / High-Resolution displays with higher pixel-densities provide.

This is where our Ultimate Image Optimization for Magento 2 extension comes to your rescue!
The All-In-One image optimization extension takes care of all these image optimizations for you. Automating the optimization process as much as possible, saving you a lot of manual work, while still allowing you to control and manage the optimization to suit your specific needs.

Check the detailed descriptions below to see how JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer will help you boost your page load times, SEO rankings and conversion rate, thanks to perfectly optimized and high-quality images.




AVIF Optimized Images for Magento 2

Now that WebP has already become a quasi-standard for websites, there is a new superstar of image formats: AVIF .
JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer is the first extension that allows to use this new technology also with Magento 2!

The AV1 (AVIF) image format is based on the AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) codec, which is developed by the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia). Compared to WebP, AVIF enables significantly smaller file sizes and thus faster loading times with the same quality. As of today, AVIF is only supported by Chrome Browser, Opera & Firefox, but the other browsers will probably also support this new image format in the near future.

No question: The future belongs to AVIF! Although the underlying standard has not yet been finalized, the realizable benefits are so good that the technology is already being used by major players such as e. g. Netflix productively.

Not only the superiority of the technology but also the numerous well-known representatives of the technology industry who are behind AV1 (Google, Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, Amazon ... to name just a few) suggest that AVIF will quickly become established.

So why wait?
Use AVIF today in your Magento 2 store for faster loading times and even smaller image files with the same quality.
With JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer, of course, 100% browser compatible and fallback to WebP or JPG / PNG image formats supported by the respective browser.
And together with the other features and advantages that our extension offers.


WebP Optimized Images

Using WebP images or not, thats nothing you can seriously argue about.
Seeing how superior this image format is compared to traditional .jpg and .png, the benefits coming with it and by now all major browsers supporting .webp, its an optimization no website or store would want to miss out.

Want to learn more about WebP, how good it is and how the conversion works? Please check JaJuMa WebP Optimized Images description and WebP FAQ for details as well as WebP vs. JPG/PNG quality comparisons.

JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer includes all the features of our WebP Optimized Images extension, the #1 solution for adding WebP images to Magento 2.

While WebP is great for reducing the image file size, we take image optimization for Magento 2 to the next level with JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer - Read on below to learn about the additional optimizations provided by this extension.

Lazy Loading for Images

Out of the box, Magento 2 lacks lazy loading for images. Which is an important feature for improving user experience as well as page load times - especially on mobile devices - and by this also improving your SEO rankings.

JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer allows you to add both, native lazy loading for browsers that support it and / or script based lazy loading working in any browser.

Lazy loading feature of JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer

  • will be added to images already converted to .avif/.webp
  • is fully compatible with .avif/.webp images and <picture>-tags
  • allows to configure your custom lazy loading icon matching your theme (or use none/transparent loading icon)
  • allows you to exclude images from lazy loading as needed by configuration (e. g. "hero"-images above-the-fold).


High-Resolution ("Retina") Images for Magento 2

Ever been unsatisfied with the quality of your product images?
Product images being somehow blurry, not showing the small details nicely?
Then it's time to change that and make your product images stand-out and a real joy to look at. Making use of modern displays high pixel density effectively will give you stunning, crystal-clear product images where even tiny details are showing sharp and not blurry anymore.

JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer creates and adds these High-Resolution ("Retina") Images automatically and lets the browser download the most suitable version depending on your client's device/display.
To match your specific needs, the extension allows you to choose between adding double and/or triple resolution image versions for your product images.

Configurations & Screenshots

Extension Configuration

General Configuration

AVIF Conversion

WebP Conversion

Advanced AVIF/WebP Conversion

Lazy Loading Config

High Resolution Config

Scan Media Config

Cron Conversion Config

Miscellaneous Configs

Optimization Status & Statisctics

JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer Extension Configuration
JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer General Configuration
JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer AVIF Conversion Configuration
JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer WebP Conversion Configuration
JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer Advanced AVIF/WebP Conversion Configuration
JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer Lazy Loading Configuration
JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer High Resolution Configuration
JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer Scan Media Configuration
JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer Cron Conversion Configuration
JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer Miscellaneous Configurations
JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer Image Optimization Status & Statistics

Manual & FAQ

As easy as it can get::

  • Install Extension,
  • Select Conversion Tool
  • Define compression factor and
  • If needed, your custom conversion parameters
  • Enable and configure the additional optimization options

...thats it!

Got Questions about WebP?
Want to know more about the Webp Optimized Images for Magento extension? We got you covered...

Check our WebP Images FAQ!



Version: 1.0.0

  • Initial Release

Version: 1.0.1

  • Code Optimizations

Version: 2.0.0

  • Added: Support for AVIF images
  • Added: Image Conversion & Optimization by Cron/CLI
  • Added: Image Optimization Status & Statistics View in Backend

Version: 2.1.0

  • New Option: Use AVIF only if smaller than WebP
  • Improvement: Allow using RegEx for Excluding Directories
  • Added: Option for custom path to Imagemagick for AVIF conversion
  • Refactoring & Code Optimizations
  • Minor Bugfixes

Version: 2.1.1

  • Media Scan: Skip Permission Denied Files/Directories
  • Media Scan: Include .jpeg Image Files
  • Fix issue with Swatches

Version: 2.1.2

  • Fix issue with Swatches
  • Minor Opimizations

Version: 2.2.0

  • Added: Improve media scan / add config to keep/reset conversion errors on scan
  • Added: New option for decode images async (decoding="async")
  • Added: New option to set image dimensions (width, height) if missing to prevent Content Layout Shift (CLS)
  • Fixed: False error message when creating High-Res versions
  • Fixed: Check for skip images from other hosts
  • Fixed: Minor issue with the conversion test tool
  • Fixed: Issue with reset optimization status mass action

Version: 2.2.1

  • Added: Option to limit the number of threads used for AVIF conversion
  • Updated: Cavif Conversion Tool (v1.1.1)
  • Fixed: Compatibility with certain Hosts that use auto-scaling and other special setups (e. g. MageMojo and Mittwald)
  • Fixed: Minor Issues with Special Cases

Version: 2.3.1

  • Added: Support for optimizing inline background images
  • Added: Hyvä compat module released
  • Improvement: Coding Standard updates
  • Improvement: Handling of updated image files
  • Updated: Cavif Conversion Tool (v1.3.1)
  • Minor Bugfixes

Version: 2.3.2

  • Improved: Optimized parsing for background images
  • Fixed: "Undefined offset" issue with background images that have max-height

Version: 2.3.3

  • Updated: Cavif Conversion Tool (v1.3.3)
  • Improvement: Drop JQuery Compat Mode
  • Improvement: Better Compatibility with CDNs
  • Fixed: Images converted from backend showing with size 0kb

Version: 2.3.4

  • Improved: Optimized parsing & handling for background images
  • Fixed: Images converted from backend showing with size 0kb
  • Fixed: Issue with High-Res images

Version: 2.3.5

  • Fixed: Issue with declarative schema on upgrade

Version: 2.3.6

  • Fixed: Issue with special characters in image alt text

Version: 2.3.7

  • Improvement: Optimized parsing & handling for background images
  • Fixed: Issue with Image Scan



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