JaJuMa.de - Relaunch

It's done, JaJuMa.de presents itself in a new guise: New design, new layout, new colors. But that's not all: While on our previous page it was still about JaJuMa as "Marketplace Agency", there's now a lot more to see about what we, actually do:

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New Services

Started as a "Marketplace Agency", our service portfolio now includes more than "just" the provision and operation of a marketplace solution. Among other things, our marketplace projects quickly resulted in inquiries about services that went beyond the pure operation and development of a marketplace software. So by now our portfolio includes also "Normal" online shops, design services, product data management (PIM), individual software & Magento development services as well as general consulting services. With the relaunch, this service extension now finally gets the appropriate space on our website:

Relaunch JaJuMa.de

More Information

Not only through the presentation of our "new" services, we also offer more information for you with the relaunch. Countless inquiries about JaJuMa-Market have reached us over the last few years. Often it was about questions like "Can your software do this ..." or "Can I do that with JaJuMa-Market?". Granted, in most cases, the answer to these questions is simply "Yes, that's possible ...". But describing all available functionalities and all conceivable use cases in detail should be impossible. Nevertheless, we have described and listed the functional scope again in more detail. The answer to the frequently asked question about the costs of JaJuMa-Market can now be found under Prices & Details.
Also read the top 5 reasons why JaJuMa-Market is the ideal technical base if you are planning to Start an Online Marketplace.

More Details

For those for who the "theoretical" information on JaJuMa-Market on JaJuMa.de are not sufficient, we now also have an Online Marketplace Demo System available This will allow you to try and explore JaJuMa-Market at will.
Of course, we will continue to expand our offer on JaJuMa.de in the future. The next additions and enhancements are already in progress - let us surprise you  .

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