AVIF Images Support For Magento 2 Is Here

Ultimate Image Optimizer Extension for Magento 2 is the first extension that provides AVIF images support for Magento 2 stores.
Original images are converted to AVIF locally and automatically via Cron Job or command-line interface (CLI).
Besides AVIF images, the extension also creates WebP images and optionally also high-resolution/retina images automatically and allows to add lazy-load for the optimized images. The extension is 100% browser and full-page cache compatible. For browsers that do not support AVIF optimized images, WebP optimized images are used as fallback, for even older browsers, original images will be delivered to customers.

With JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer you can have up to 9 versions for each image created automatically.
Depending on browser and display capabilities, the most suitable version will be served.

About AVIF Optimized Images

The AVIF image format is a new image format based on the AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) codec, which is developed by the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia). The AOMedia consortium develops open, royalty-free technology for multimedia delivery and is backed by numerous well-known representatives of the technology industry such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, and Amazon.
Compared to WebP (and JPG/PNG), AVIF enables significantly smaller file sizes and thus faster page load times with the same quality. While the standard behind this image file format is not yet finalized, it is already being used in production by many big sites and players such as Netflix, and the adoption of this new technology is picking up pretty fast, faster than with WebP.
As of today, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are already supporting AVIF images (Source). This is no big surprise, seeing how superior AVIF is compared to its counterparts. The file size reductions and the potential for saving bandwidth and improving page load performance are amazing.

AVIF Optimized Images For Magento 2

With the latest release of the Ultimate Image Optimizer Extension for Magento 2, JaJuMa GmbH provides the first solution for adding locally/on-premise converted AVIF images to Magento 2 stores. The extension supports two different conversion tools for automatically converting original images to AVIF files via Cron job or command-line interface. The quality/compression level can be configured and checked via the build-in conversion test tool. By this, it is ensured that every Magento store can find the best balance between image size and image quality for its specific case and image material. Since the AVIF conversion is pretty resource-intensive, additional configurations have been added for controlling the conversion speed and intensity.
Of course, the extension is 100% browser and full-page cache compatible and as the extension name suggests, provides a lot more than "only" AVIF images, but aims to be the all-in-one image optimization extension for Magento 2.

All-In-One Magento 2 Image Optimization For Performance And Quality

AVIF images support is the newest addition to the wide and impressive set of image optimization features and benefits provided by the Ultimate Image Optimizer extension for Magento 2.
Besides AVIF optimized images, the extension also automatically creates and adds WebP optimized images, which are used as the primary fallback option for Browsers that do not support the new AVIF images yet. For even older Browsers, the default JPG/PNG images are used.
The extension also allows adding high-resolution/Retina image versions for product images in all three supported image formats. High-resolution/Retina images allow your Magento store to impress your customers using high-resolution displays with crisp and super-sharp images showing every tiny detail in your product images.
Additionally, all optimized images can be also lazy-loaded by native or JavaScript lazy loading. Of course, it is also possible to exclude images from being lazy-loaded, e. g. for above-the-fold "hero"-images.
By combining all these technologies and optimizations in only one extension, Magento 2 store owners get an all-in-one image optimization solution and their customers benefit from optimized page load times and high-quality images.

Low Risk, Low Cost, Flexible And Convenient Solution

With Ultimate Image Optimizer by JaJuMa GmbH, all image conversions and optimizations are processed locally/on-premise. So there are no dependencies from 3rd party service providers and no monthly/recurring costs. This means Magento store owners not only get a state-of-the-art image optimization, but also a low-risk and low-cost solution.
The extension is easy to use with pre-configured default settings but also provides many configuration options to control the image optimization as needed. Last but not least, the extension comes with an optimization status and statistics view as well as a conversion test tool in the backend to allow Magento store owners to conveniently and easily manage their image optimizations.

Conclusion - Is it to early for AVIF?

No, it is not too early for using AVIF. AVIF is ready for production use and even in its "pre-finalized" state already provides great benefits. And with AOMedia and its well-known members, it can be expected that the adoption rate, including tools and browser support, will grow fast.
However, for using AVIF in a Magento store or other CMS with usually a huge number of images, it only makes sense if the conversion process is fully automated and a fallback strategy is in place that ensures also users with Browsers that do not support AVIF yet will get the best image format possible. This means, ideally not fallback to the heavily outdated formats JPG/PNG, but the other modern format that already has wide Browser support: WebP.
This is why JaJuMa Ultimate Image Optimizer Extension for Magento 2 is the perfect solution for your image optimizations now and also be future-ready. It provides exactly this automation you need when it comes to image optimization in a Magento store with many images and more!