Power Toys for Magento 2

Power Toys Extension for Magento 2
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Framework For Tools + Helpers For Magento Admins To Tune & Streamline Their Magento Experience For Greater Productivity

Maximize your Magento admin productivity via easily accessible helpers & utilities

Make Your Admin Experience In Magento More Convenient And Fun:

  • Available For Admins
    In Magento Backend & Frontend
  • "Assistive Touch" Inspired Floating Button
  • Quick Action-, Dashboard- &
    Bookmark Toys
  • Light Mode & Dark Mode
  • Toys Sortable Via Drag'n'Drop
  • Growing Number Of Toys Available

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Power Toys for Magento 2 by JaJuMa is a framework for tools and helpers for Magento Admins to tune and streamline their Magento experience for greater productivity.

Make Your Admin Experience In Magento
More Convenient And Fun.


Managing a Magento store is complex and comes with many things to do. Admins have to spent time for getting things done being more complicated than necessary, many repetitive tasks consuming time that is lost for accomplishing more valuable work.

In many cases, many clicks are required to access the functions needed for performing certain actions or getting information the admin is looking for.
But actually, working with Magento 2 should be convenient and fun... Right?


Power Toys for Magento 2 by JaJuMa solve this problem.
Finally, quick access to important functions and information right at your fingertips!
No matter where you are in your Magento backend or frontend.

Power Toys provide you with direct access to often used functions, critical information about your store and more...
Speed up your administration work in Magento and make it fun like never before with Power Toys.


Power Toys For Magento 2 by JaJuMa-Develop

Quick Actions + Dashboard + Bookmarks

Quick Actions Toys
Fast Access To

Magento Functions & 3rd Party APIs

Dashboard Toys
Important & Critical

Info Always Available

To Any Page

In Backend & Frontend

Assistive Touch
Floating Button

Can Be Positioned By Drag'n'Drop

Light Mode &
Dark Mode


Available In
Backend & Frontend

For Logged-In Admins


Important Functions Always Available

Be Always

Important Info Always Available

More Fun
Working With Magento

Toys Are Fun & Save Clicks

Hyvä Theme Compatible
See Hyvä Demo
Mage-OS Compatible
See Mage-OS Demo


Power Toys for Magento 2 by JaJuMa In Detail.

Maximizing Magento Admin Productivity
Via Easily Accessible Helpers & Utilities

JaJuMa Power Toys For Magento Extension

Why Do I Need Power Toys For My Magento Store?

Managing a Magento store is time-consuming, often with many repetitive tasks and sometimes overwhelming with the sheer number of todo's as well keeping an overview of things going on and important KPIs.
JaJuMa Power Toys where build to solve this problem...

Power Toys for Magento enable you to manage your Magento store faster, easier and more convenient:

"Assistive Touch"-like Button: JaJuMa Power Toys adds an "Assistive Touch" inspired floating button to show/hide the Power Toys panel. This non-intrusive new UI element can be easily positioned by drag'n'drop on left or right edge of the screen without overlapping other UI elements.

A simple click on this buttons opens the Power Toys panel and reveals access to all the features, helpers and utilities, a.k.a "Toys" that make your life as a Magento admin easier.

Power Toys For Magento Supports 3 Different Types Of Toys:

  1. Quick Action Toys: Quick Action Toys allow performing Magento admin actions or provide additional inputs and features via popup by simple click on a button. Each Quick Action Toy can be installed as a separate module as needed.
  2. Dashboard Toys: Dashboard Toys display information and KPIs collected from Magento or APIs. Each Dashboard Toy can be installed as a separate module as needed.
  3. Bookmark Toy: The Bookmark Toy allows to set bookmarks to frequently used Magento Backend/Frontend URLs. This toy is included in Power Toys core module.

Made With Love For Users And Developers:

As all our extensions, Powers Toys has been build with lots of love for quality and details.

Not only the "Assistive Touch" button makes its a pleasure to use, the Power Toys panel comes with a light and a dark mode, Toys are sortable via drag'n'drop.

The performance footprint has been minimized by implementing caching and lazy loading in order to not affect normal backend operations.
And of course, also the Toys themselves where crafted carefully as well taking care of details and adding eye-candy.

Developers will also love Power Toys! It is super easy to create your own toys. Either just for yourselves and your client or even better as Open Source module for the Magento Community! Let's go, the world needs more toys...

Available Power Toys For Magento 2

Discover the growing list of Toys available for Magento Power Toys

Quick Action Toys

🧹 Clear Cache

Enables flushing Magento cache quickly and conveniently with Pacman power.

💬 Chat GPT

Allows using ChatGPT from Magento backend and frontend (while logged in as admin).

🔢 Quick Reindex

Allows quickly reindex data in your Magento store, backend and frontend (while logged in as admin).

🔄 Google Translate

Allows using Google Translate from your Magento backend/frontend (while logged in as admin).

✅ Todo

Provides a todo list function for admins in your Magento backend/frontend (while logged in as admin).

🔃 Quick Translation

Allows to quickly enable and disable inline translation function in your Magento store.

💱 Currency Converter

Allows to quickly convert values from one currency to another in your Magento store.

📝 Note

Allows to save quick notes/memos in your Magento store.

Dashboard Toys

🚦 Core Web Vitals

Displays Core Web Vitals for current page load. Powered by Google web-vitals library for measuring Web Vitals metrics.

📊 Order Status

Displays quantity of orders, revenue as well as status of orders created within last X hours in your Magento store.

🌤️ Weather

Displays current weather, air quality as well as weather forecast in your Magento store.

📈 Matomo Reports

Is an add-on for Matomo Analytics displaying Matomo Analytics reports in your Magento store.

🚀 Hyvä Inline CSS

Is an add-on for Hyvä Inline CSS showing the inline CSS & cache status as well as processing times in your Magento store.

🧑 Customers

Displays statistics about customer accounts in your Magento store: New, Total, Pending & Online customers.

📰 News

Displays news feeds in your Magento store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Magento Extension Questions
How to install Magento 2 extensions from JaJuMa?

We offer different ways of Magento 2 extension installation:

Before Installing

  • We recommend you to duplicate your live store on a staging/test site and try installation on your staging/test site before deploying to your live store
  • Backup Magento files and the store database

Please Note:
It’s very important to backup all themes and extensions in Magento before installation, especially when you are working on a live server. We strongly recommend you to do not skip this step.

Manual Extension Installation via FTP/SSH:

After purchasing an extension, you can download the module as .zip package in your Customer Account.
After downloading the .zip package, please follow these steps for installation:

  1. Log into your hosting space via a FTP client (e. g. FileZilla, WinSCP, cuteFtp)
  2. Create Folder: /app/code/Jajuma/[ExtensionName]*
  3. Unzip extension package and upload files into: /app/code/Jajuma/[ExtensionName]*
  4. Enter and run the following commands at the command line:
    php bin/magento setup:upgrade
    php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

* Note: [ExtensionName] can be found in registration.php file: Jajuma_[ExtensionName]


Extension Installation via Composer / Magento Marketplace:

For installation via composer, please get the extension

  • from Github and install as any other extension from Github or
  • from Magento Marketplace and follow this Installation Guide and
    make sure to use the correct key for Marketplace repo (the key that belongs to the account that purchased the module).
    In case of issue with installing via composer, please double-check to use the correct key for Marketplace repo.
    Your key should be in your auth.json file.

Links for composer installation to Github/Marketplace can be found on top of this page in technical info section - Click Here

Error Could not find a matching version of package jajuma/[module-name]. Check the package spelling, your version constraint and that the package

With this error message, most likely the key used for the Marketplace repo is wrong/invalid, i. e. not the key that belongs to the account that purchased the module. Please double-check to use the correct key for the Marketplace repo.

For installing extensions from Magento Marketplace, please follow this guide and make sure to use the correct key for the Marketplace repo:
Installation Guide

Please feel free to get in touch with our support in case you have any further questions or concerns or check with Marketplace support in case the installation issue can not be resolved.

Do you offer free technical support?

After purchasing a (non-free) extension we provide 12 month support via support ticket for free.

Do you offer customization service for your extensions?

Yes, please get in touch with our customer support so we can clarify your requirement and provide a quote.

Where can I download my extension?

You can download your extension from your customer account as soon as the payment has been processed.

Do you offer a free trial period?

Unfortunately, we can not offer a free trial period.

However, we do have demo site for all our extensions. Feel free to test all the features and see how the extensions work.

In case of any questions or concerns regarding compatibility or how some extension works our customer support is also always happy to help.

Do you offer refunds?

All our extensions are non-tangible downloadable goods. Hence we can unfortunately not issue refunds.

Refunds will NEVER be issued for services provided such as installation support, customization and software development work.


Version: 1.0.0

  • Initial Release

Version: 1.0.0

  • Update Readme & Minor Bugfix

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