We are an owner-managed full-service e-commerce agency from the Stuttgart region. Initially, as probably the first provider of standard software and SaaS solution for online marketplaces on the market, we have continuously expanded and extended our service offering over the years.

In addition to our online marketplace solution, we now also include "normal" online stores as our clients and support our clients with comprehensive services around their e-commerce business. From conception, design, development and optimization of their processes and systems to operation and continuous monitoring and development.

One thing has certainly not changed over the years: We love what we do! And we stand behind our work as a reliable partner for our customers. Every day anew to achieve the best possible result together.

Actually, everything was originally planned differently, read our story below to find out why we do what we do ...
Our exciting journey from being Online Marketplace founders to being the Marketplace Agency, Magento Agency up  to the Full-Service E-Commerce Agency we are today:

Ecommerce and Magento Agency Stuttgart
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Our Story

Why We Do

What We Do.

We know
The Client View


We know the clients view

At the beginning was the plan to realize a delicatessen online marketplace. However, it soon turned out that there was no software solution for our project that would have met our expectations. Neither in terms of professionalism, functionality and extensibility nor in terms of adaptability, flexibility and scalability. The path to develop your own marketplace software was much more complicated and took more effort than expected at the beginning. But as it turned out, that was exactly the right path for JaJuMa:

The decision to implement an own online marketplace system laid the foundation for today's JaJuMa. We first set out to specify our requirements and to evaluate various possibilities for technical implementation. Ultimately, we chose Magento as technical base we wanted to extent to our "multi-vendor enabled" online marketplace system.

"First, it comes differently and second, as you think"

Even before a first and "Ready to Market" version was finalized, we had the first prospective customers who wanted to use our system happy - and could convince them about the quality of our online marketplace software. "JaJuMa-Market" was born and set the course for JaJuMa: the delicatessen marketplace operator in spe became the e-commerce agency JaJuMa.

The marketplace business comes along with some peculiarities, but ultimately it's always about the usual challenges in e-commerce. So the step to expand our business model to include more ecommerce related services was a natural decision to take. Our previous projects have shown: Developing JaJuMa from a marketplace operator via the marketplace system provider and Marketplace Agency to a Magento Agency and Full-Service E-Commerce Agency was the absolute right decision...



What Drives & Motivates
Us Every Day

Clients + Partners

We are an experienced & highly motivated team. Our goal is to find optimal solutions together with our customers and partners at all times.
To us, a fair cooperation is important us in daily cooperation.


We think that only fair cooperation, a healthy giving and taking, can be a good basis for long-term and outstanding results. For us, this means we offer our services at fair prices and also take the necessary "extra step" for the success of our customers.


The focus of our work is always the success of our customers. Only with successful customers can we achieve our most important goal:
Long-term partnerships that are successful and fun.

Go-Live Cakes

We enjoy our work.
The most fun is to successfully complete customer projects. We like to celebrate these successes with delicious cakes in the colors of our customers :-)

We Love

what we do.

We Live


Finding the right solution and technical implementation for individual requirements sounds easier than it actually is. This especially for complex online marketplaces, but also for "simple" online stores or online business in general. This challenge is our passion:
Find the right solution and technical implementation for your requirements and your business case.

"Trade is change!"

This sentence was probably always true, but more than ever in e-commerce... New business models & processes, better usability, better performance, new trends in SEO, design & Social Media... The list could certainly be extended at will, the online business is changing and developing almost daily. Permanent change is a challenge, but at the same time it is exciting, otherwise we would find it boring.

Passion For Ecommerce

The challenge, to find the right, functioning and budget-appropriate solutions for and with our customers, for new ideas and requirements, is our motivation - every day anew! Magento is the right choice for many areas and requirements in e-commerce. Due to its flexibility and adaptability, it is also perfectly suited for special requirements due to individual developments or the use of externally provided extensions. Of course, Magento is not the best choice in every single case or the right solution in every field. Depending on the requirement, we also use other solutions, such as: Wordpress or Drupal as a CMS or a dedicated Product Information Management (PIM) solution - it's YOUR added value that matters!


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