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Configure and clean up the Customer Account Navigation in your Magento 2 store easily.
Remove links from your Customer Account Dashboard and
change sort order simply by configuration from backend.

No need to change any code or fiddle with layout .xml files!

The Problem
Unused Links In
Customer Account

Magento is a powerful and feature-rich e-commerce system. Some of these features are also available to Customers in their Customer Account Dashboard for information and managing their account, data and interactions with your Magento store.
But most Magento stores do not use or provide all of these features. So in order to not bother the Customer with useless functions in their Customer Account, some tabs or links have to be disabled in almost every Magento store.
However, out-of-the-box there is no option available to disable certain Customer Account Links or change sort order by which these links are shown to the Customer.
This means, for literally every store some developer has to change the code or fiddle with layout files just to get the Magento Customer Account showing only the options as needed and as customer-friendly, as it should be.

The Solution
Configs for Remove &
Sort Customer
Account Links

With our extension, the Customer Navigation Manager for your Magento 2 Store it is now possible to avoid these troubles.
Simply install, enable/disable the Customer Account links and options as needed for your business case.
Do you want to change the sort order by which you want Customer Account options are shown? No problem, our extension got you covered! You may easily change the sort order of Customer Account Navigation options by configuration with our extension. The perfect solution:
No need to change your code or modify layout files anymore. It's just changing a configuration without any coding or template modification.

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JaJuMa Customer Navigation Manager Extension for Magento 2 in Detail.
Easily customize Customer Account Links in Your Magento Online-Store!

Easily customize the
Customer Account Menu
in your Magento 2 store

Changing the Customer Account Navigation & Menu in your Magento 2 store is now only a matter of a few clicks.
No need to change any code or layout files. Manage your Customer Account links simply from backend by installing our extension.

Based on their business requirements, most Magento sites do not need all the Customer Account options Magento is offering by default. Removing these unused Customer Account tabs is often required by store owners since its crucial for a customer-friendly, smooth and convenient shopping experience.
Unfortunately, this task requires a developer to modify the code or layout files whenever the options shown to the customer in his dashboard are supposed to be changed.
With our extension, this task can now be accomplished by simply configuring the desired result from backend.

Just install our extension and save you and your developers valuable time.
Thanks to our extension, you may simply manage and change your Customer Account menu at any time from your backend.

Extension Scope

For you and your customers - Clean-Up your Customer Account Navigation for a user-friendly shopping experience.

The JaJuMa Customer Navigation Manager Extension supports:

  • Enable/Disable Extension
  • Enable/Disable Magento Default Customer Account Tabs/Links
  • Change Sort Order by which enabled Tabs/Links are shown
  • Supported Tabs/Links:
    • My Account
    • My Orders
    • My Downloadable Products
    • My Wish List
    • Address Book
    • Account Information
    • Stored Payment Methods
    • Billing Agreements
    • My Product Reviews
    • Newsletter Subscriptions
    • 2 Dividers
  • Enable/Disable dividers to add structure to your Customer Account Menu
  • Change Position / Sort Order for the dividers to have them showing where you want
  • Up to 2 dividers are supported
  • Enable/Disable additional tabs from 3rd-Party extensions
  • No Core changes
  • No Template Modifications or Rewrites - works with any theme

You need further customizations regarding your Customer Account?
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Easily Remove or Hide Links/Tabs and
Sort Links/Tabs
in your Magento 2 Customer Account

Simple configurations for a clean and user-friendly Customer Account Menu.

Configure Customer Account Links:

For each Magento default Customer Account Link it can be configured separately if it should be showing or removed

Additionally for each link configured to show, position/sort order can be defined as required.

Configure Dividers and 3rd Party Extension Links:

Same as in Magento Default there are two dividers available that can be optionally shown in configurable position in your Customer Account Menu.

If you are using 3rd Party Modules that add additional Links/Tabs to Customer Account, you can choose to show or hide these additional Links.



Can´t get any easier that this:

  • Install extension &
  • Enable Extension
  • Configure Tabs / Links / Dividers
  • Configure Positions

...and off you go!



Version: 1.1.0

- Initial Release

Version: 1.2.0

- Added: Configurations for Sort Order for custom links added to Customer Account Menu by 3rd Party extensions

Version: 1.2.1

- Bugfix: Minor Bugfix for Design Templates based on Blank Theme

Version: 1.2.2

- No Change - Bump Compatibility to 2.4

Version: 1.2.3

- Added Support for Website/Storeview Scopes

Version: 1.2.4

- Added Hyvä Theme Compatibility



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