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Optimizing Crawl-Budget and Avoiding Duplicate Content Due To Layered Navigation
by Applying Link-Masking with PRG (Post-Redirect-Get) Method.

The SEO-Boost for Your Magento 2 Store!

The Problem
Crawl-budget &
Duplicate Content

Almost every online store uses a Layered Navigation (often referred to as filter navigation) to allow its customers a simple and comfortable search for suitable products.
The problem with this:
It creates an "infinite" number of additional URLs for the different category and filter combinations. From an SEO point of view, indexing these URLs is in most cases undesirable or even disadvantageous.
Because each of these URLs ultimately represents only a slightly limited version of the content already available in normal categories, hence it is a
(Near-) Duplicate Content problem.
In addition, crawling this multitude of useless URLs leads to a waste of valuable Crawling-Budget, which is then no longer available for really relevant content.

The Solution
Link-Masking With

Unfortunately, classical techniques such as "rel-nofollow", "meta noindex", robots.txt etc. do not sufficiently address the described problem or, in turn, bring disadvantages of their own.
The perfect solution:
Masking the filter URLs using the PRG (Post-Redirect-Get) Pattern reliably and elegantly solves the problem of countless URLs in filter navigations:

  • By using the POST method there are not new new links created for every single filter combination
  • By redirecting to a GET request, default filter URLs are still preserved and can be used as usual. E.g. sharing via social networks, set as bookmarks etc.
  • The POST method reliably prevents the crawling of filter navigation by search engine bots


SEO Optimization with JaJuMa-Develop
"PRG Pattern Link Masking" Extension for Magento.
Effective and yet very easy to use!

Prevention of (Near-) Duplicate Content through Product Filters

Filter-URLs are retained and can be used as usual

Crawling through bots is prevented - Crawl Budget is spared

Optimization of Linkjuice as well as the Internal Link Structure

Controlling the Indexing of Your Site

Easy to Use


PRG Pattern Extension for Magento 2.
How it works - Post-Redirect-Get Pattern explained.

The PRG-Pattern Request-Flow

Flow of requesting a Product Filter with PRG (Post-Redirect-Get) Method:


  1. Step:
    The customer clicks in a category on a filter option to narrow the displayed products.
    The filter option is not a normal link as usual, but technically a form. Thus, instead of requesting a new page via GET request, the selected filter option(s) will be sent to the Magento 2 system / server as a POST request.
    -> POST Form Data e. g. color = "green" (=ID "53")
    This step is not performed by search engine bots!
    The following steps remain "invisible" for search engines.

  2. Step:
    The server or the Magento 2 system answers this request with a status code 303 See Other
    with the actual filter URL as redirect destination.
    -> Redirect e. g. to location /women/tops-women/?color=53

  3. Step:
    The customer's browser follows this redirect and now calls the filter URL via GET request.
    -> GET Request to e. g. /women/tops-women/?color=53

  4. Step:
    The GET request is answered with a status code 200 OK and the filtered products.
    -> Customer sees the filter result, that is products with color = "green"


Scope of
JaJuMa PRG Pattern Link Masking
Extension for Magento 2

The following filters and functions in your Magento online store are optimized with our extension.


Optimized index control for your Magento 2 online store and finally eliminate Duplicate Content and waste of Crawling Budget through filter URLs!

The Post-Redirect-Get Pattern is used with the JaJuMa PRG Pattern link masking extension enabled for the following functions:

  • Layered Navigation
    (= All filterable Product Attributes + Category Filter)
  • Grid/List “Sort By”-Options
    (e. g. Position / Produkt Name / Price … )
  • Grid/List “Number of Products" per Page
    (e. g. 9 / 15 / 30 … )

PRG Pattern vs. Other Solutions

Why the SEO Optimization for Filter URLs through Link Masking with Post-Redirect-Get Pattern is better than alternative approaches.


Certain classical techniques are often named as possible solutions for SEO Optimization of Filter Navigations in online stores regarding Duplicate Content problems as well as for better control of Crawling Budget.
For example:

  • Meta Robots "Noindex, follow"
  • Meta Link Rel "Canonical URL"
  • "Robots.txt"
  • Rel "NoFollow"
  • Link Cloaking via "JavaScript/AJAX"

However, each of these approaches has disadvantages or does not provide a truly satisfactory result. Read more about these SEO approaches and their disadvantages compared to the PRG Pattern / Post-Redirect-Get method.



As easy as it can get:

  • Install Extension &
  • Enable PRG Pattern Link Masking

...thats it!



Version: 1.0.0

- Initial Release

Version: 1.0.1

- No Change - Bump Compatibility to 2.3



Magento 2.0

Magento 2.1

Magento 2.2

Magento 2.3

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