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Embedding Videos On Any WYSIWYG Editor In Magento 2 Made Easy.
Add Single Or Multiple Videos To Your Site With Pre-Defined Layouts.
GDPR Compliant With Auto-Preview Image.
Fully Responsive With No "Black Bars".

Impress Your Customers And Also Respect Their Privacy!

The Problem
Embedding Videos
GDPR Compliant & Responsive

You want to present your brand and products to your customers in the best possible way to help them make their purchase decision. Of course, not only photos but especially videos are crucial when it comes to standing out against your competitors!
Emotions often play a key role in the purchase decision.
Beautiful videos are the perfect way to introduce your brand and products to your customers emotionally!
The problem with this:
When embedding videos from YouTube using their embed code snippet, personal data from your customers is transferred to YouTube without user consent. Even more, videos added to your site this way are not responsive but shown with ugly black bars using an iframe affecting your page load and website performance in a bad way.

Embedding videos without these issues is time consuming and requires technical and HTML/CSS knowledge. But not anymore, we got you covered...

The Solution
JaJuMa Video Widget
Extension for
Magento 2

JaJuMa Video Widget enables you to add videos to your Magento 2 store through any WYSIWYG Editor in the easiest and best way possible.
With our extension, you can choose from several pre-defined layouts to show the videos exactly as you want:

  • One Video Full Width
  • One Video Left or Right With Configurable Width
  • Two Video In One Row
  • Three Videos in One Row

All you have to do is add the links to the YouTube videos you want to add. A preview image that is shown to your customer on page load is fetched from YouTube automatically for each video, you can even choose the image quality that should be used.
Additionally, you can configure the aspect ratio for each video to make sure its shown fully responsive and without ugly black bars on any screen size as well configure several playback options.
SEO-friendly: For each video added through JaJuMa Video Widget, you may also configure Video Rich Snippets. Allowing Google to highlight your videos in SERPs, driving more visitors to your site.


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Embedding Videos on Your Magento 2 Site with JaJuMa-Develop
"Video Widget" Extension For Magento 2.
Flexible But Still Easy To Use!
Just Select Layout, Copy&Paste YouTube URL And Configure Video Options.

GDPR Compliant
Privacy Friendly Video Embedding.
Nothing loaded from YouTube before User Consent

Rich Snippets Configurable
For Each Video

5 Pre-Defined &
Configurable Layouts

Several Playback Options:
Loop, Start Time...

Fully Responsive
No Black Bars
On All Screen Sizes

Easy To Use
Preview Image

Easy To Use
No YouTube
API Key Needed

Optimized Performance
No Video iframe
Loaded On Pageload


JaJuMa Video Widget Extension for Magento 2 in Detail.
First Choice for Embedding Videos in Your Magento Online-Store!

Magento - Keep Calm and Comply with GDPR

GDPR Compliance

Play it safe and protect the privacy of your customers.
GDPR compliant YouTube video embedding without compromising usability or customer experience.

The official video embedding code snippet from YouTube or simply embedding the video as an iFrame, are designed so that with each view, data of the site visitor gets send to YouTube on page load without consent by the user. The transmitted data also enables visitors and their behavior to be tracked by YouTube through cookies. Of course, this is not compatible with the GDPR without the prior consent of the customer.

With the JaJuMa Video Widget Extension you play it safe.
For each video embedded through our extension, a preview image is fetched from YouTube and saved locally on your server. On page load only this locally stored preview image gets loaded and shown to your customer together with an optional (& configurable) consent text. Hence, no customer data is transmitted to and no cookies are set by YouTube, unless customer actively chooses to view the video by click "play" (and accepting the consent text, also known as a 2-click solution). Also when playing the video from YouTube, our extension keeps your customers privacy in mind and uses the privacy-friendly no-cookie domain for all videos.

How To Embedd Videos To Your Magento 2 Store

Fully Responsive - SEO Optimized - GDPR Compliant

The Video Widget can be added to any WYSIWYG Editor in Magento,
e. g. incl. Product Descriptions, Static CMS Pages, Static Blocks...
After adding a new Widget you can choose from 5 pre-defined layouts:

  • One Video with width = 100%
  • One Video Left with configurable width
  • One Video Right with configurable width
  • Two Videos in one row, each with width = 33%
  • Three Videos in one row, each with width = 50%

Of course you can add as many Widget instances to one WYSIWYG Editor block as you like for creating layouts following your needs.
This allows you to introduce your brand, present your products or create beautiful and appealing landing pages, video walls and story telling pages in any layout as needed.

Add Video, Configure Preview Size & Aspect Ratio

For each video you want to add:

  • Simply copy&paste url of the video you want to add from YouTube,
  • Select the size for the preview image to be fetched from YouTube and
  • the correct aspect ratio.

Our extension will automatically get the preview image from YouTube and embedd the video responsive without "black bars" using the privacy-friendly no-cookie domain.

Configure Playback Options

For each video added you can also configure:

  • If it should be playing in a loop
  • If related videos should be only shown from your own channel
  • If customer should be able to view video in full screen mode and
  • If the video should be played from the beginning or a certain time

Configure Rich Snippets

additionally you have the option to enable and configure Rich Snippets for each video added:

  • Video Name
  • Video Description
  • Video Upload Date and
  • Video Duration
to allow Google to highlight your videos in search results.

(Video URL, Thumbnail URL + Embed URL will be added to Rich Snippets automatically.)


Please see below some examples of videos added through JaJuMa Video Widget using different available layouts.
The possibilities to create appealing content using videos are endless. Its your Choice, be creative....

One Widget with video left, width 33% and another one with one video right with width 50% added to a CMS page (Demo):

One Widget with 2 video in one row and another one with 3 videos in one row added to a CMS page (Demo):

One Widget 1 full width video added to a product description:



Can´t get any easier that this:

  • Install extension &
  • Select Layout, Copy&Paste Video URLs
  • Configur Display and Playback Options
  • Configure Rich Snippets

...and off you go!



Version: 1.0.0

  • Initial Release

Version: 1.0.1

  • Update Styles

Version: 1.0.2

  • Update Compatibility

Version: 1.0.3

  • Allow adding Widgets in Product and Category Description
  • Refactoring and Coding Standards updates

Version: 1.0.4

  • Fix issue with Magento\Framework\Filesystem\DriverInterface

Version: 1.0.5

  • Update Styles

Version: 1.0.6

  • Update Styles

Version: 1.0.7

  • Updated: Description / Hyvä Compat Release



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Magento 2.4

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