Hello Magento Marketplace - 1. JaJuMa Extension Available

Hello Magento Marketplace! The time has come, we published our first extension in Magento Marketplace. The "JaJuMa PRG Pattern Link Masking Extension" allows Magento 2 Merchants a significant SEO optimization for their filter navigation by using the PRG Pattern (Post / Redirect / Get Pattern). The PRG pattern is a technique that we already use for some Magento 1 customers with very positive results. With the release of our extension, this approach is now available for the first time to all Magento Merchants. We described here what exactly PRG Pattern means and how it works in detail.
Why this approach is better suited to address typical SEO issues in the context of filter navigations as compared to other SEO techniques we have summarized here.

PRG Pattern Module for Magento 2 - vergrößern

Entering into the Extension Business - A Logical Step

The decision to Distribute Magento Extensions via the Magento Marketplace is another extension of the services offered by JaJuMa and the entry into a new business field. The JaJuMa GmbH started as supplier of the Marketplace Software "JaJuMa-Market" in 2011. During these 7 years we gained a lot of experience with setup, operation and support as well as the customization of our marketplace system to different marketplace models and individual marketplace business models requirements of our customers. With the existing know-how in Magento and E-Commerce, we have been continuously expanding our service offering since then and now also serve "normal" Magento-Shop-Projects and create Product Information Management (PIM) systems, especially on Akeneo basis , for our customers.
Furthermore, as part of our customer projects, our services do not only consist of software development and operation / monitoring of web applications, but we also offer full-service support from concepts to SEO related questions.
Most importantly, we have developed countless Magento Extensions / Modules. Be it for JaJuMa-Market, for individual requirements of our marketplace customers or extensions for our Magento Shop customers.
Developing extensions no longer exclusive to our customers, but also providing to the entire Magento community is an obvious and logical step in the development of JaJuMa GmbH. Another Step in a successful journey since JaJuMa was founded.

Hello Magento Marketplace JaJuMa.de

The Magento Marketplace, a success model!

Our preference for Magento is no secret. One reason for this is the tremendous community that has made Magento the leading e-commerce solution.  Magento was once again ranked as " Leader" in "Digital Commerce" by Gartner. This award is certainly not least thanks to the community and also to the Magento Marketplace as an elementary part of the "Magento Ecosystem". With the step to Magento 2 also the previous "Magento Connect" was renewed and renamed "Magento Marketplace". In addition to the new name and new design, there is now also a purchase option for commercial extensions. In addition, a detailed review process for adding new extensions to the marketplace has been introduced to ensure the quality of the extensions offered. Magento has already announced it intends to continue pushing the marketplace area in the future and to enhance its value with new functions for buyers and sellers soon.

We are now also looking forward to being part of the Magento Marketplace family and to be able to contribute our contribution to this successful model in the future. With hopefully many helpful and useful extensions for the Magento community.

P.S .: The next extensions are already in progress