WebP Next-Gen Optimized
Images For Magento 2

For Your Magento Store:

  • Better Performance & Load Times
  • Higher Lighthouse & Pagespeed Scores
  • Improved SEO Rankings
With WebP, the Next-Gen file format for images from Google.

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Magento 2: Better Performance and faster load times with WebP compared to JPG/PNG Magento 2: Better Performance and faster load times with WebP

Up To 75% Smaller
Filesizes for Images...

...and more! Depending on the quality of your existing images and image quality requirements, WebP can reduce file sizes by up to 75% compared to .jpg / .png.
With minimal or no loss of quality!
Don`t believe?

Check out the Quality Comparison...

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Comparison: File size WebP vs. JPG Comparison: File size WebP vs. JPG

Full Control
Fully Automated

With our extension the conversion
is processed locally on your server.
You retain full control over quality and
compression level without additional effort
and without dependency on 3rd party services

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On-Premise WebP Solution for Magento: Reliable - Fair Price - No Risk On-Premise WebP Solution for Magento: Full Control - Fully Automated

Simple And Flexible

The extension supports 3 different conversion tools:
cwebp + Imagick + GD
In addition, you have the choice between preconfigured base mode and an expert mode.

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Magento 2 WebP Extension: 3 Conversion tools supported Magento 2 WebP Extension: Simple And Flexible with Base- and Expert Mode

WebP Browser-Support

Currently, more than 80% of all Internet users use a WebP
capable browser and benefit directly from your WebP optimized images.
All other customers will continue to see your current .jpg images. Of course, this also completely automatic and full-page cache compatible.

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Magento 2 WebP Extension: Browser Support WebP: Browser Support and Coverage

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100% Open Source
& Customizable


Coding Standards Applied.
Clean & Readable Code


Countless Satisfied Customers:
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Performance Optimization & Faster Load Times For A Better User Experience And Top SEO Rankings.
With WebP, The Next-Gen File Format For Images From Google,
Reduce The File Sizes Of Your Images Without Significant Quality Losses.

WebP The Performance Boost for Your Magento 2 Store!

The Problem
Performance vs.
User Experience + SEO

Customers expect to get the best possible impression of the product for their purchase decision. Of course, the quickest way to achieve this are convincing product photos - the first impression counts!
Emotions often play a key role in the purchase decision.
How can you create these better than with strong images?
High-quality, appealing and as many images are a must for every online shop.
The problem with this:
Many and high-quality images lead to long loading times, poor performance and ultimately unsatisfactory user experience. In addition, good performance is an increasingly important SEO & ranking factor.
The problem is exacerbated even more by the growing use of mobile Internet over slow mobile connections. The download of large image files takes much longer for this customer group.

The Solution
WebP Next-Gen Optimized Images

The classic file formats .jpg and .png were developed decades ago and thus correspond in terms of compression and file sizes to the state of the art at the time. With WebP, Google has developed a next-generation file format for photos, featuring a much more sophisticated and powerful compression algorithm, which allows significantly reduced file sizes while maintaining the same quality.
With the JaJuMa WebP Optimized Images Extension for Magento 2 you now also have the chance to provide your customers with WebP optimized images.
A performance boost for better user experience, faster load times and better SEO rankings - without any additional effort. The conversion and delivery of the new WebP files is completely automated!
The choice is yours: Easy to use with the standard configuration or, if necessary, full control and fine-tuning options for the best balance between image quality and file size.


Further Questions? Have a Feature-Request?
Or need some individual customization?
Lets get in touch: ​


WebP Optimized Images With JaJuMa-Develop
"WebP Optimized Images" Extension For Magento 2.
Completely Automated Performance & SEO Optimization, Flexible But Still Easy To Use!


WebP Optimized Next Generation Image Files For Your Magento Store


75% And More Reduced File Sizes
With Same Quality


Rocket Speed:
Faster Load Times By
Reduced Data
Due To Smaller WebP Images


SEO Optimization:
Better Rankings Through Better Performance And Faster Load Times


Automated WebP Conversion Of Exisiting .jpg + .png Files


Compatible With All Browsers
(Automatic Fallback To .jpg/.png For Browsers With No WebP-Support)


Supports Three Different
WebP Conversion Tools
(GD, cwebp, Imagick)


Easy To Use With
Pre-Configured Base-Mode Or
Full Control With Expert-Mode

Dedicated WebP Media Cache

Completely Local / On-Premise Solution.
No Additional Cost Or Dependencies from External 3rd Party Services

Useful WebP Conversion Test Tool & WebP Conversion Preview in Backend


JaJuMa WebP Optimized Images Extension For Magento 2 In Detail.
Next-Generation File Format For Top Load Times In Your Online Store!

Treat your customers and your Magento store with faster loading times! Not only for your customers, Google is now considering pages load times as an official ranking factor. Hence, top loading times and performance are a must for any online store and good SEO rankings.
Image files usually make up by far the largest part of the data to be transferred on a website. The optimization potential is correspondingly high due to the choice of the correct file format and the optimal compression to achieve the smallest possible file sizes. With WebP, you choose a next-generation file format that lets you achieve the perfect balance between image quality and file size.
WebP was developed by Google and is also recommended as an optimization measure for maximum speed in "Lighthouse", the website performance analysis tool also used internally by Google. Not only, but especially for visitors with slow 2G / 3G or cellular connections, each byte saved noticeably affects the page load time.
Convince yourself of JaJuMa WebP Optimized Images and the advantages of WebP in the form of significantly smaller image files with top image quality - you will be surprised!



Of course, this page also uses WebP files (exception: .jpg files for quality comparison).
The use of WebP reduces the amount of data to be transferred for this webpage from just under 2.7 MB with (also optimized / compressed) .jpg / .png files compared to .webp to only 1.6 MB - via a standard 3G Mobile connection, this means about 4-5 seconds faster page load time!

Magento Luma Demo Product Images
Original .jpg vs. WebP Optimized

How good is WebP? How much can smaller will images be?
And how is about qualitΓ€t compared to .jpg / .png?

We tested for you: Based on the product images of the Magento Luma demo product data.
A total of 725 photos, originally as a .jpg file, were converted to WebP files with different compression levels.
Below you will find the results in terms of file size, saving potential and picture quality.
You will be surprised!

File Size in MB:

Image File Filesize (MB)
Original .jpg 71
WebP Quality 90 59
WebP Quality 75 26
WebP Quality 50 17

The total file size of 725 demo product photos in our test as original .jpg files sums up to about 71 MB.
Converting to WebP with a compression factor of "Quality = 90" will already reduce the file size to 59 MB.
Decreasing the compression factor to "Quality = 75" results in a even bigger decrease to only 26 MB!
By screwing down the compression factor to "Quality = 50" further significant savings in file sizes can be achieved, with a result of only 17 MB!


Savings in Percent:

Image File Saving (%)
Original .jpg  
WebP Quality 90 17 %
WebP Quality 75 64 %
WebP Quality 50 76 %

Converting the described results regarding total file size into reductions as percentage, one arrives at the following result:
Depending on the compression level, on average for each image a reduction in file size of

  • 17 % (with Quality = 90),
  • 64 % (with Quality = 75) or even
  • 76 % (with Quality = 50)

can be realized compared to original .jpg files.


Of course, the ideal compression factor naturally depends on the type and quality of the existing image material as well as the individual requirements for image quality.
However, a compression factor of 75 provides a good result in most cases.

Quality Comparison .jpg vs. WebP:

Convince yourself of the quality by checking the following comparison between original .jpg and WebP files optimized with different compression levels .

Move the slider from left to right to see a direct comparison between original .jpg (left) and .webp (right) in different quality levels.
The images shown each have a resolution of 497 x 700 pixels:

JPG (Original):         55,2 KB
WebP (Quality 90): 52,6 KB

Quality Comparison WebP vs. JPG: Original .jpg Quality Comparison WebP vs. JPG: WebP Quality 90
High-Resolution Comparison​

JPG (Original):         55,2 KB
WebP (Quality 75): 27,5 KB

Quality Comparison WebP vs. JPG: Original .jpg Quality Comparison WebP vs. JPG: WebP Quality 75
High-Resolution Comparison​

JPG (Original):         55,2 KB
WebP (Quality 50): 20,3 KB

Quality Comparison WebP vs. JPG: Original .jpg Quality Comparison WebP vs. JPG: WebP Quality 50
High-Resolution Comparison​

How Does The Extension And
Conversion To WebP Files Work?

With the JaJuMa WebP Optimized Images Extension you do not have to create and upload image files in .webp format in addition to your existing .jpg or .png images.
The extension completely automatically converts your existing image files!

It can`t get any easier: install, activate and configure the extension.
Subsequently, the .webp files are automatically generated on page load on your site.
For the created WebP files the extension uses a dedicated WebP Media Cache, which means, for already converted images the existing files are used.
You want to change the compression factor to achieve smaller file sizes or better image quality?
No problem, just empty the WebP Media Cache and your custom configuration will be applied.



Conversion Tools

It`s your choice - JaJuMa WebP Optimized Images supports
3 different Conversion Tools:

  • GD
  • Imagick und
  • cwebp

GD and / or Imagegick are system requirements for a correctly working Magento installation. At least one of the two should therefore be present on every Magento installation and be directly usable "out-of-the-box" with the extension.
Also included is cwebp binary, Google's "official" conversion tool. cwebp offers compared to the other two tools the most options for fine-tuning the conversion and, in most cases, provide slightly better results. In addition, cwebp is considered the fastest of the 3 tools. However, the use of cwebp may require additional installations with root privileges, as well as PHP exec() and permission to run the binary.


Simple Base Mode or Advanced Mode

JaJuMa WebP Optimized Images takes it easy for you or gives your full control regarding conversion parameters, however you prefer.



Base Mode:

In Base Mode, simply select the desired conversion tool, if necessary, configure the path to the executable file on your server and define the compression factor (value between 0 - 100). The conversion then takes place with preconfigured parameters, which in most cases lead to a good result.



Advanced Modus:

cwebp and Imagick offer a whole range of parameters by which the conversion can be controlled. For experienced users there is the possibility to adapt the conversion individually to your images. For an optimal result with a perfect balance between quality and file size according to your requirements.

Compatible With All Browsers

WebP is a new standard currently not yet supported by all browsers.
But not worries, with JaJuMa WebP Optimized Images your Magento Store will continue to work in all browsers without any restrictions.


More than 80% of all Internet users use a WebP-enabled Internet browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox + EDGE and their mobile versions) and thus benefit from the advantages and the faster loading times with WebP.

But also users with browsers without WebP support have no disadvantages or limitations with JaJuMa WebP Optimized Images. As a fallback, these users will automatically see the "normal" version of your images namely .jpg or .png files.

Most likely, WebP's browser coverage will be even better in the future. Also Apple is said to be experimenting with WebP for Safari, the last major browser not supporting WebP yet.

With JaJuMa WebP Optimized Images, you can now get your Magento store ready for the faster Internet of the future.

Completely Local / On-Premise Solution

Reliability, Availability, Costs.
With JaJuMa WebP Optimized Images You Play It Safe And Take No Risk.



Play it safe with JaJuMa WebP Optimized Images.
The conversion is done completely locally on your server.
Unlike other 3rd party services where conversion is done on remote systems, you have full control. Both regarding picture quality as well as regarding cost. No matter how many images you convert, there are no additional costs.


Try different levels of conversion until the desired result is achieved without worrying about your budget.
Another advantage of the extension as a completely local / on-premise solution is the reliability and availability. Avoid the risk and reliance on an additional service provider.

Manual & FAQ

As easy as it can get::

  • Install Extension,
  • Select Conversion Tool
  • Define compression factor and
  • If needed, your custom conversion parameters

...thats it!

Got Questions about WebP?
Want to know more about the Webp Optimized Images for Magento extension? We got you covered...

Check our WebP Images FAQ!



Version: 1.0.0

  • Initial Release

Version: 1.0.1

  • Minor Fix for Magento 2.3 compatibility

Version: 1.0.3

  • Update Browser .webp support detection
  • Fix for Google Chrome version 71+
  • Added Support for Firefox version 65+

Version: 2.0.0

  • Extended Scope: All convertible images found in markup on all pages + images in Fotorama Media Gallery on Product Page are converted now
  • Added: dedicated Media Cache for WebP Images
  • Added: Conversion Test Tool & Conversion Preview in Backend
  • Added: some checks to avoid conflicts / avoid issues with some edge-cases & customizations
  • Added: Advanced Configuration for flexibility (Blacklist) and allow compatibility with some custom functions (e. g. lazyload support)
  • Removed: Rewrite of list.phtml to avoid conflicts with some custom themes
  • Updated: cwebp binary included in the package updated to v1.0.2 (mostly security related fixes)

Version: 2.0.1

  • Added: Convert images having single-quotes instead of double-quotes for src-attribute
  • Added: Input validations for checking if custom configs are valid
  • Improvement: Security Enhancements
  • Fixed: Issue with GD cannot convert some images
  • Fixed: Minor fix to improve lazyload support
  • Fixed: Show correct message when clear WebP Cache
  • Refactored: Comply with upcoming changes to Magento Coding Standard



Magento 2.0

Magento 2.1

Magento 2.2

Magento 2.3

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